As Moofrenerk requested, collect Odella and bring it to Gaurinerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect New Odella and bring it to Gaurinerk.
<New Odella> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, continue on to the Odella Nursery and collect 5 Odella from the plants there. There are exactly five plants. Talk to Gaurinerk to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

(He pretends he's coughing while taking side glances at you.)
"Ahem. Daeva. Ahem."
1 "Got something to say, Shugo?"
"Well, I, uh...I want to....
Daeva brought me so much much out there for the taking. I want to ask you a favor, nyerk.]]
Moofrenerk has a friend, see...."
1 "And this friend wants...?"
"Ummm...Odella. Moofrenerk's friend lives in Verteron, and he...researches Odella.
There's so much of it here...was thinking Daeva could take Moofrenerk's friend some Odella. For researching. Friend will pay Daeva good money for Odella.
Daeva do it? For his Shugo informant...friend?"

Accept Edit

"In the Odella Plantation...where the Skurvs are. Should be bunches of New Odella just for the taking.
Maybe bring 5 pieces to Gaurinerk at the Verteron Citadel? Moofrenerk will do everything possible to help Daeva catch bad guys.
Moofrenerk gain nothing by this! This for academic purposes, nyerk! No Shugo profit at all. Moofrenerk on the up-and-up now, Daeva."
X "Since you're on the up-and-up."

Decline Edit

"Daeva does not trust Moofrenerk? Daeva and Shugo have been through so much together.
We partners, yes? Partners trust one another."
X "Can't trust Odella abusers."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Greetings, Daeva. Just let Gaurinerk know if you need anything, nyerk.
Gaurinerk sell only the finest in imported goods. The finest, nyerk."
1 "Here's some street Odella."
"What?! What did Daeva bring?! No, no, no! Crank call! Crank call!
Gaurinerk doesn't deal in illegal Odella! Just tried it once or twice. Recreational use of Odella!
Gaurinerk working...cannot talk, cannot talk. Daeva go now."
1 "I'm not selling it, I'm giving it."
"Ahhh! Giving is not selling, true? Gaurinerk knows entrapment. Let me touch...ahhh, huge, fresh, succulent Odella! Purest that Gaurinerk ever seen with own eyes, nyerk.
And you are this to Gaurinerk? Daeva does not look like Odella dealer. Oh...yes, yes...for Gaurinerk's academic stuff. Yes, forgot.
Yes, this Odella will make many academic...things happen now. But Gaurinerk will pay Daeva street value...must pay Daeva for this big of score. Gaurinerk will be up for days...."

Summary Edit

Moofrenerk said he wanted to send Odella to his friend Gaurinerk, who needed it for his "research."

You brought the Odella to Gaurinerk, who thanked you...suspiciously.

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