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Check whether the story of an old Daeva living in the pond is true.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Investigate the area surrounding the Daru Spring.
  • Talk with <Gunghelm>.
  • Finish your conversation with Gunghelm.

Basic Reward Edit

Reward 1
Reward 2
*Based on dialogue.

Walkthrough Edit

Iron Axe

The Iron Axe stuck in a tree near the Daru Spring.

The <Old Scroll> that begins this quest can drop from any <Whitefoot Daru> in the Munihele Forest. Once acquired, right-clicking it allows you to begin the quest. The Daru Spring is located at the southern tip of Munihele Forest just south from <Verdandi'sVerdandi> cabin. The Iron Axe is in the tree just to the right of the spring entrance. Interacting with the axe will show a cutscene of you losing grip on the axe as you pull it from the tree and awakening Gunghelm in the spring. He questions you about the axe you tossed into his spring, and if you answer honestly, rewards you for it.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Old Scroll
(You open up the scroll. Inside is a story inside[sic] telling of a woodcutter who lost his axe near the Daru Spring and is now too scared to retrieve it for fear of angering a great Daeva who resides in its depths.)
(You could go and check to see if the story is true....)
X "Not like I've got anything better to do."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

You have awoken me from my sleep. What is it? Why are you here? Answer me!"
1 "I just dropped an axe into the water...."
"An axe, you say?
Funny, you look like one who spends their time hacking apart animals and people...not foliage.
This golden axe this the one you lost?"
1 "Yes, that's it."
You are sure?
I find it hard to believe one as disheveled as you could scrape together enough Kinah to purchase an axe like this."
1 "It's definitely mine." (reward dialogue 1)
2 "Oh no, sorry, mine wasn't gold." (to silver)
2 "No, not that one." (to silver)
"No, I didn't think it was yours either....
This then, this silver axe... this one yours?"
1 "Yes, that's the one."
"You are certain?
Funny, the handle here is wrapped with a cloth to prevent it from slipping from it's owner's grasp.
Are you sure this was the one that you dropped?"
1 "I'm sure. That's the one." (reward dialogue 1)
2 "Oh no, my axe had no such cloth." (to iron)
2 "No, not that one, either." (to iron)
Well then, was this iron axe the one you dropped?"
1 "Yes, that was definitely the one."
You are absolutely certain this axe was the one you dropped?
Only answer if you are certain, Human."
1 "Yes, that was the one I dropped." (reward dialogue 2)
2 "No, that's still not it." (reward dialogue 1)
2 "No. None of them are mine." (reward dialogue 1)

Reward Dialogue Edit

Dialogue 1 (dishonest)
(cutscene: "How dare you lie to me! You insolent worm!")
"You liar!
I saw you throw the iron axe into the water just moments ago.
I am no fool, Human; you cannot pull the wool over my eyes. They have seen things which you cannot even begin to comprehend...
Leave now, before I lose my temper entirely. Go!" (quest reward 1)
Dialogue 2 (honest)
"A wise choice.
Over the years, [Player Class], as the harsh conditions have lessened here in Asmodae, I have seen greed take root within the hearts of our people. When I was young, we starved ourselves so that our brethren could eat, we exhausted ourselves so that others might sleep. It gave us heart, compassion, and a sense of unity that those sun-kissed buffoons will never understand....
My point is this: honesty and its siblings are still vital for our society, so that we may maintain our identity; the spirit that helped us survive the Epic Cataclysm. You, my child, you are an Asmodian. Never forget that.
Honesty deserves reward. Take these axes. They are of little interest to me." (quest reward 2)

Summary Edit

You found a book describing the story of an old Daeva living in the pond.

You went to investigate and dropped an axe into the still waters of the pond. An ancient Daeva then appeared and questioned you repeatedly.

Notes Edit

  • If you answer incorrectly during the dialogue, you can simply wait for Gunghelm to despawn which resets the quest completely. You can then try again to answer honestly for the better reward.
  • If you hit cancel on the reward page after answering dishonestly, talking to Gunghelm again will allow you to watch the cutscene over.

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