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Help <Morn> clear out the Lobnites threatening the fortress residents.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


Kill 10 Tentacled Lobnites, which can be found in the Altgard Ice Lake area, and return to Morn for the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Ugh. The Commander is set on our clearing away the Lobnites from outside the fortress.
I mean, I understand that we need to keep the area safe for the residents, but he doesn't realize the pressure I am already under!
My studies are serious business. They take up quite a chunk of time, you know. I have a stack of papers that I haven't even looked at."
1.png "Maybe you need to apply yourself."
"Way to sound like him. And my parents.
Look, I need help. That's what I need. If you're interested in helping a poor, young scholar instead of insulting him, that is.
If you'd defeat Tentacled Lobnites near Altgard Ice Lake, outside the fortress walls, I really would be grateful."


"Thank you. I'm sorry if I was rude--I'm just so frustrated.
Listen, hunt 10 Tentacled Lobnites, and be careful. They sting."
X.png "I'm on it."


"Yeah, that's what I thought.
It's my fault for being so rude. One day I'll learn.
I'll just handle it myself. Thanks anyway."
X.png "Goodbye, Morn."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Did you kill the Tentacled Lobnites?
Those tentacles sure sting, don't they?"
1.png "I killed them all."
"Thank you. I never expected you to handle the situation so quickly!
You've been a great help. Here, take this."


Morn was struggling to hunt down Lobnites.

At his request, you defeated the Lobnites near the Fortress

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