Clear the forest of the sap-consuming insects so Motgar can meet quota.

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Grove Sparkies
Gooey Sylphens

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Talk with Motgar to obtain quest. Kill 10 Gooey Sylphens or Grove Sparkies. Return to Motgar for reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"It's just not possible! There's no sap to extract!
Beat me if you must, but just listen to me first!
I've been ordered to collect three buckets of sap, else <Ulgorn> will have my head on a pike. But I can't possibly collect that much sap with those insects drinking it all up!"
1 "What insects?"
"The Gooey Sylphen and Grove Sparkies have been breeding like crazy across Moslan Forest[sic]*. And their main food source? Tree Sap!
With them eating my quota every day, I don't have a chance of escaping a long series of beatings."
1 "Sounds like you need to kill some bugs."
"Kill them with what? Do you think <Dabi> will hand me a weapon? Or snap out of his depression long enough to do it himself? Ha!
Please--I'll gladly collect your sap, but I don't stand a chance of meeting quota until a capable exterminator--like yourself--can kill the Gooey Sylphen and Grove Sparkies."
1 "The task is mine." (Accept)
2 "I'm too busy to squash bugs." (Decline)


"Oh, thank you! I owe you my life.
The question now: Which do you want to hunt?
Which do you think eats the most sap:Grove Sparkies or Gooey Sylphens?"
1 "I bet it's the Sparkies."
"You're probably right.
Even though Sparkies don't drink sap as quickly as Sylphen, they're larger and probably consume much more over their lifespan.
So let's shorten that lifespan. Please kill ten Grove Sparkies so I can finally meet my quota"
X "This better work."
2 "I think it's the Syphen."
"You're probably right.
The Gooey Sylphen are smaller, but they drink so quickly--surely they are taking most of the sap.
Please kill ten of them so I can finally meet my quota."
X "This better work..."


"Too busy?
That's that's all you can...
I see. I should have known better than to ask a raider like you for some compassion.
Please, just go. I'd like some time alone before I face Ulgorn's wrath."
X "Farewell, Motgar"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hello again!
So, how did you do?"
1 "Killed ten, as you suggested."
"Thank you, friend.
It'll take the trees some time to generate sap, but I should be able to fill the quota by tomorrow.
Take this: It's something I picked up when Ulgorn's crew first moved into Ishalgen. Most raiders wouldn't have taken the time to listen to me, and I appreciate it."


Motgar told you that collecting three buckets of sap in two days was impossible because the forest insects were drinking the available sap.

He requested you get rid of those insects, saving his life in the process.

You cleared the forest of insects, and Motgar gave you a small reward for your efforts.


  • The initial dialogue refers to the location Moslan Forest, which is the forest west of Altgard, when it should have referred to Munihele Forest which is south of Lake Tunapre.

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