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On behalf of Svafnir, check on the mysterious Dewi, who is hiding in an Abandoned Campsite.

Quest Information[]


  • Talk with Dewi.
  • Deliver Dewi's letter to Thor.
  • Deliver Dewi's letter to Nerita.
  • Report the results to Svafnir.

Basic Reward[]


Talk to Svafnir to get the quest. Go to the Abandoned Campsite, found southwest of Hoarfrost Fortress, in the corner of Glacier Peaks. Talk to Dewi then take his letter to Thor in Red Mane Cavern. Thor asks you to take the letter to Nerita, who is in Beluslan Fortress.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I came across a man hiding at a hunter's abandoned campsite. I asked him who he was, but his reply was confusing. He asked me "How many white hairs does a White Haired Kures have?" I told him I didn't know.
Isn't that strange? He didn't seem quite right."
1.png "Sounds suspicious--maybe a secret password?"
"I tried to learn more, but all I got from him was his name.
His presence is a mystery, but I guess he can stay there if he wants. Still, I worry. Why was he hiding alone in such a dangerous place? He seemed to have some purpose, but he wasn't willing to say a word to me.
Would you please investigate? you're so well known, [Player Name], he may talk to you."


"He's hiding at an old hut near an abandoned campsite to the southeast.
Let me know what you find out. Oh, he says his name is..uhm...Hooey? Nah, Looey? Oh, right--Dewi.
I'll leave it to you, [Player Name]."
X.png "Dewi...old hut...Kures it."


"Are you busy? Or is this just too trifling for an important Daeva like you?
I may have misunderstood him. I have no evidence that he's done anything suspicious.
Still...Well if anything happens, I'll handle it."
X.png "I'm confident you can deal with it."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"So many people come by here, I might as well be on a blasted flight path.
Just recently, a fish-faced guy came by, stated talking, and just wouldn't stop. Is that what you're gonna do? Talk my ears off?
What if all that gabbing gives us away to the Lepharists? Or haven't you noticed them? Who are you anyway?"
1.png "I'm [Player Name]. You are?"
"Ah, [Player Name]! I'm sorry for letting my temper get the best of me.
You came at the right time. I need someone to report to my superiors, bBut [sic] I couldn't find anyone I could trust. The Lepharists inside of Chaos Brambles are up to no good. Airships appear in the night, and the Lepharists unload blindfolded people and whisk them somewhere. Strange things are happening here. Odd lights and noises.. it's all very mysterious.
I've written down the details in this letter. Please deliver it to Brigade General Thor."
1.png "Mysterious lights? Blindfolds? Not good."
"Oh, it's you [Player Name].
It's been quite a while, where have you been?
What business have you?"
1.png "Here's a letter from Dewi."
"Dewi asked you to deliver a letter? It must be urgent.
Hm, while we were focused on Balaur, it seems the Lepharists were up to no good. It's too much for me to handle by myself.
Please show the letter to Brigade General Nerita. She'll know what to do."
X.png "Brigade General Nerita? On my way."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ach! I've such a headache...I don't want to see any more people.
Everyone I meet has problems.
So, what's your story? do you bring more bad news?"
1.png "This is about the Lepharists."
"So, Brigade General Thor asked you to deliver this to me?
You haven't read this letter, have you? If you have, best you forget it right now.
Oh, my headache is getting worse. I need to rest...You're dismissed. Thanks for the letter... Thanks a lot."
1.png "Just doing my duty."
"You're back. Did you find that Dewi fellow?
I hope he moved on.... He seemed like trouble."
1.png "Worse--he's working in secret."
"A spy? He's not a spy! Blast! I really misjudged him.
If I see him again, I'll give him some combat rations to chew on.
You did a good job. This isn't much, but please take it with my thanks."


Svafnir said that Dewi, hiding in the Abandoned Campsite, seemed suspicious, and asked you to check out his story.

You met Dewi, who said he had urgent information about the Lepharists, and asked you to deliver a letter to Brigade General Thor. Thor said it was not something he could handle by himself, and asked you to show the letter to Brigade General Nerita. Nerita told you to forget everything you read.

After returning and reporting to Svafnir, he rewarded you for a good job.