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Munin told you that if you bring him one of the delicacies he used to enjoy, he will give you a valuable item. Bring him either a <Ginseng Root>, <Methu Egg>, or some <Sparkie Eggs>.

Quest Information[]


  • Find a delicacy and bring it to <Munin>.

Basic Reward[]

Ginseng Root
Methu Egg
Sparkie Egg


Methu Eggs on the ground.

Munin requests a delicacy. Your reward will be based on what you return to him. The reward for the Ginseng Root is the best of the three. It gives you a decent cap at an early level. The only problem is that you have to travel all the way to the Odella Plantation to kill a Dundun Farmer to obtain one. The Methu Egg is also found in the plantation inside a Methu coop on the ground. And finally the Sparkie Egg, the least distance from Munin, will only net you Kinah and slim experience. Decide on a delicacy and return to Munin with it to get your reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Back before they exiled me from Pandaemonium, I was many things...public speaker, social critic...and Asmodian defender, of course.
Those who didn't know me from my speeches might have sampled my cuisine--a form of artistry all too rare among our people. Here in Ishalgen, raiders like yourself must scavenge for whatever scraps you can gather. But in Pandaemonium, the Daevas feast--feast!--on sumptuous meals and potent drink.
Pandaemonium, grand your pretensions, and how feeble your reality."
1.png "Imprisonment has made you bitter."
"Bitter? Bitter! Does that make my words less true, Human?
Pandaemonium is full of graces and airs...murmurs and whispers...betrayal and lies. The Asmodian people shiver from the cold because they've lost the fire within. The older Daevas are the worst, for they've forgotten what they fight for.
Such weak thinking infuriated me. Eventually the fury of my words reached overly-sensitive ears. Rather than deal with my complaints--with my truth!--they dealt with me."
1.png " Hard to speak the truth from here, eh?"
"Hard yes. But not impossible.
Now, let's deal with something you might understand--food! Despite my...circumstances...I still have a refined palate and rarefied appetites. Luring insects close to the crystal so I can catch them is tiresome, and the resulting meal is barely tolerable."
1.png "You want me to feed you?"
"You'll be paid, of course. I have valuable!--items that are no use to a prisoner like myself. You can obtain the foods I crave here in Ishalgen, so you don't need to travel far.
All I'm asking for is a Ginseng Root, a Methu Egg, or a few Sparkie Eggs. You can choose whichever you wish to bring. Any of them...and of them will do."


"Good. Now hurry...hurry! My mouth already longs for such fare. Too long have I had to make do with insects--or nothing at all.
Do you remember? Ginseng Root, a Methu Egg, or a few Sparkie Eggs. Nothing else will do."
X.png "You're repeating yourself. On my way!"


"I suspect you're refusing to help out of sheer cruelty...cruelty that outweighs your desire for the reward I offer.
I'll remember that face of yours. Remember mine! Pray that my cell outlasts your brief Human lifespan."
X.png "I promise to think about it, ok?"

Reward Dialogue[]

"You've returned. I was wondering whether you'd run into trouble on your travels. It wouldn't be the first time. I've seen grown men eaten whole by some of those Ampha creatures.
What did you bring me?"
1.png "Here's a Ginseng Root."
"Ah yes, the ginseng has such a strong smell...strong!
You know the Daevas in Pandaemonium use ginseng to flavor their alcohol? And then they toss aside the root!
This is what I'm talking about--Pandaemonium and the rest of Asmodae are now worlds apart. Worlds apart! The thought of sending ginseng to the people of Ishalgen never even occurred to these "great and wondrous" beings.
I prefer ginseng eaten raw...raw! The fresh flavor is a small joy in such bleak days. Oh! Here is the reward I promised."
2.png "Here's a Methu Egg."
"Ahh, Methu Egg!
A great many people think this egg tastes fishy--fishy!--when eaten raw. They go their entire life without trying it, but it's all a massive misconception spread through old folktales! Unless they're spoiled, the eggs taste fine!
You see how easy it is to influence people by planting small notions here and there? Now imagine what other misconceptions exist in Asmodian society. Those other lies...those lies aren't as harmless as fishy-tasting eggs.
I'll stop there. Thank you for bringing me this. Here, have your reward."
3.png "Here are some Sparkie Eggs."
"Sparkie eggs! Pass them!
These aren't fresh at all. Sparkie eggs are supposed to be firm--firm!--and burst in your mouth when you bite into them. This one is too soft, and this other one is rotting.
A shame...but I'll shamefully admit that my palate prefers rotting eggs to fresh insects. Take this as your reward, as I promised."


Munin, a Daeva confined in a crystal cell, told you he wanted to sample some Ishalgen cuisine, and asked you to bring him either a Ginseng Root, Methu Egg, or Sparkie Eggs. You did as he asked and received your reward.