Hunt the Frillnecks that have started to threaten the fortress residents.

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Objectives Edit

<Hissing Frillneck> (0/11)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to the Manduri Forest. Kill Hissing Frillnecks, then return to Eltnen Fortress and talk to Androkles to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Balance is key, [Player Name]. Nature is balanced, and nature is beautiful.
It is our duty to defend this balance, you know. Aion delivered us to this paradise to oversee it, so when a horror comes to disrupt nature's scales, we must intervene."
1 "Is anything specific bothering you?"
"Yes, of course! Those barbaric and bloodthirsty beasts we call the Hissing Frillnecks are bothering me.
I stand here on guard, listening to the birdsong and the rush of the winds when suddenly their coarse hissing starts. The birds fall silent, and moments later there's just the sound of some poor creature being butchered.
It's not necessary, [Player Name]. It's not natural."
1 "Surely that's exactly what it is."
"I won't have it! They don't belong here!
Fortunately, the fortress residents have complained and now I've been asked to initiate an operation against them.
So, are you in, [Player Name]? The reward is rather good."

Accept Edit

Now hurry my friend! I long to meditate in peace once again! Return to me as soon as those beasts are butchered and I will make sure you are rewarded well.
Faith and arms!"
X "Faith and arms."

Decline Edit

"You're refusing?! Who should I turn to in your stead?
My own philosophy prevents me from engaging in combat directly, yet I cannot simply stand here and watch as those overgrown lizards tear through species after species.</p>
You must help me!"
X "My choice has been made."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Yes yes're back! This is excellent news!
Is that blood on your armor? Frillneck blood, I trust? Have you done as I asked?"
1 "Yes, and more."
"Aha! What goes around, comes around! It's about time those creatures got a dose of their own medicine!
I'll send my report up to high command as soon as possible. If you want any more work, just come and see me.
I'll wipe those things from the face of Eltnen, just you wait!"

Summary Edit

Androkles was growing increasingly furious with the Manduri Forest Frillnecks as they hindered his meditation and disrupted his appreciation of nature. You agreed to hunt some of the Frillnecks for him.

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