Worgs are threatening travelers who pass through Tolbas Forest. Drive out Worgs from around the road so that <Ondanius> can go herb gathering without fear.

Quest InformationEdit


  • Hunt the Worgs that threaten Human travelers.
<Starving Worg> (0/9)
<Violent Worg> (0/5)



The Forest Outlaw

<Ondanius> and the worgs are around this area.

The worgs to exterminate are nearby in Tolbas Forest. Kill the required amount of each kind and return to <Ondanius>.


Initial DialogueEdit

"I remember when these hills were peaceful. I looked forward to a day of gathering and even brought the children sometimes.
These days we can't go far and we never go alone. Worgs only leave what they can't eat, and they can eat most things.
The whole balance of the forest is off."
1 "What happened?"
"The Frillnecks and Togs used to stay deep in the forest. The Worgs would skulk in the fringes. You'd see their eyes shining, but they rarely came up to the road.
Then the Frillneck population exploded. They drove the Togs out, which then went swarming through the Worgs' territory, so the Worgs were forced out into the open. This is their territory now.
They're not evil--they're just starving animals--but that doesn't make it any easier for me to safely gather herbs. I can't bear it, Daeva. Would you please do something about it?"


"You're braver than I.
Please hunt the <Starving Worgs> and <Violent Worgs> running wild along the road.
I have a little money set aside. I'll pay you for your time."
X "I've got it."


"I suppose you have other claims on your time.
I'd better go to the citadel. Maybe <William> will help."
X "Maybe."

Reward DialogueEdit

"I'm so glad to see you alive and well!
Did you manage to kill any Worgs?
Is it safe to gather herbs here now?"
1 "I did, and it should be."
"I can't believe how brave you've been.
The Worgs may be animals, but they can learn. They'll know to stay away from the road for a while.
Here, take this. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along."


Villagers have been afraid of traveling in Tolbas Forest because environmental changes have forced starving and violent Worgs closer to roads and villages.

You drove out Worgs from around the road so that <Ondanius> could gather herbs safely.

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