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Eternal Bastion map

The Eternal Bastion map

The Eternal Bastion (EB), also known as Steel Wall BastionEU, was a 24-member alliance instance for players of level 65 and above. It was introduced in the 4.0 patch, could be accessed from Hero's Fall in Kaldor since the 4.8 update. Each player was required to use 3 Blood Mark <Blood Marks> to enter the instance.

The instance resembled a simple fortress defense mission, similar to one players would partake in during sieges in the Abyss, but with several other additional components. Being both timed and ranked, greater rewards could be unlocked depending on how coordinated the whole alliance was. Originally a steady source of GP, AP, Petra Medal <Petra Medals> and other goods (such as Augmenting materials or even gear), it was considered a valuable and thus very popular instance among players.

In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

Aion 4

Aion 4.0 The Eternal Bastion Cutscene

The Eternal Bastion

This colossal bulwark was built from scratch by the ancient Danuar, as one of their several attempts to prevent the Balaur from advancing into Danaria. However, due to the unrelenting assault of the hordes of troops, the wall eventually fell under the claws of the Tiamat Army, pushing the Danuar further away from their land.

After the fall of the ancient race and surge of the Beritra's army in Katalam, the bastion was claimed by Daevas to cripple the Balaur's domination. As expected though, during a war, the tide is never set on stone. Elyos and Asmodian intelligence captured and interrogated Balaur soldiers, who revealed that Beritra was willing to deploy a full army to recapture the valley. Led by the experienced and undefeated Grand Commander Pashid, and supported with nearly unlimited resources and even a Dredgion, Daevas knew a fierce battle would soon unfold.

As both sides ready up, only the mightiest of soldiers are gathered; prepared to conquer and defend outposts, ride siege warmachines and hold the most strategic point in all of Katalam.

Walkthrough Edit

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Quests Edit

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Rewards Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The entrance to this instance was originally located in the Icethorn Frontier Post in Danaria, requiring the alliance's faction to hold the camp to access it. In Aion 4.8 it was relocated to its current location.
  • During the test phase of 4.8, the portal to the instance was originally be placed in Stillness Hollow, but it was later relocated to the center of Kaldor.
  • As of 5.0, the level of monsters inside the instance was raised from 65 to 68. The entry requirements however were kept intact. During a later patch GP was removed from the rewards table, and the instance was barely run after that.
  • The terrain of this instance was shared with its battleground equivalent, Iron Wall Warfront.
  • The popularity of the instance caused the game to be dubbed "EB Online" on some servers in its prime days.
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