Seigfried hasn't received any news from his spy. Go to the Abandoned Campsite near the Hoarfrost Fortress and check on Dewi.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk with Dewi.
  • Deliver Dewi's message to Siegfried.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Seigfried to get the quest. Go to the Abandoned Campsite, found southwest of Hoarfrost Fortress, in the corner of Glacier Peaks. Talk to Dewi then return to Siegfried to complete the quest.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You! [Player Name]! I have a favor to ask of you.
I dispatched a spy recently, but he hasn't made his report.
I fear he's been compromised, or worse."
1 "Is there a way I can help?"
"I received word of Lepharist movements recently. I was reluctant to dispatch Dewi, but he was confident he'd accomplish the mission.
It's been some time, however, and I admit to being nervous.
I'd like to think nothing is wrong, or else he has nothing to report. I cannot, however, gamble on that."
1 "You need someone to locate Dewi."
"Quite so.
Could you go to the Hoarfrost Fortress and look for Dewi?
Confirm his status and render any assistance he may require. This is important."

Accept Edit

"The area around Hoarfrost Fortress is still quite dangerous. Balaur patrol with annoying frequency.
I'd feel better if you were a trained operative, but you'll do.
If you find Dewi, tell him to come back for now. This mission is too dangerous for him to do alone."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"I guess I asked too much. If you got caught by Balaur or Lepharists, you'd pose a threat to our operations.
I'll find a person who is more suitable for the mission.
You man return to your other tasks, Daeva. Farewell."
X "Sorry I couldn't help."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

"Sh! Keep quiet please.
I;ve been waiting in this shack forever. Do you know what snow tastes like the ninetieth time?
Try not to make a ruckus and give away my position if you please. I don't really feel up to a run.:
1 "Siegfried sent me after you."
"I know I should have reported in sooner. Sadly, I haven't found much to report.
Why don't you run back and tell Siegfried my mission isn't finished?
Tell him I'm making progress and if he sends another messenger, make sure they bring some food."
X "On my way."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Not that I'm not glad to see you, [Player Name], but I don't see Dewi with you. Where is he?
I should have expected him to try to stick it out. Stubborn fool. Did he at least have something to report?"
1 "Yes, 'Asmodian spy needs food badly'"
"Dewi's an excellent operative but sometimes I want to strangle him.
Very well, I'll give him the time he needs. I just hope this isn't for naught.
Thank you for your assitance. Walk in Azphel's shadow."

Summary Edit

Siegfried said he hadn't received any report from Dewi, the spy he sent, and asked you to investigate.

You went to the Abandoned Campsite and met Dewi. Dewi said had nothing to report and that he wasn't going back empty handed.

You delivered Dewi's message to Siegfried, who said he'd try to be patient.

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