Jephani told you that <Ulgorn> had a strange illness. Collect the ingredients Japhani needs to make his medicine and take them to her.

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  • Collect five Sparkle Legs and three Ampha Thorns then take them to <Jephani>.
<Sparkle Leg> (0/5)
<Ampha Thorn> (0/3)

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Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Jephani to begin quest. Go to Ishalgen Prison Camp and kill <Grave Sparkles> and get 5 Sparkle Legs. Kill <Thorned Amphas> and get 3 Ampha Thorns. Return all to Jephani to complete quest.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You there! Have you been to Anturoon Crossing recently? A friend of mine, <Mijou>, was supposed to visit me today. I'm desperate for her help, but it turns out she can't make it.
Mijou told me I should keep and eye out for someone called...what was it?...[Player Name]? Yes, something like that."
1 "That's me."
"Really? [Player Name] the [Player Class]? My name is Jephani.
I'm not normally stationed here, but I'm on a crucial task. I can't do my duty alone, and with no sign of might be able to help me, right? That's what Mijou's messenger said.
I can promise a lucrative reward if you help me. But before I tell you what needs doing, I need you to promise to keep this whole thing to yourself."
1 "Of course. What's our task?"
"It's Ulgorn. He's sick.
He's been hiding it for months now, but his fits of pain are getting heavier and more frequent. Two weeks ago, he'd just grimace and go quiet. But yesterday, I had to hold him so he wouldn't collapse in the middle of camp. The air went out of him like he was being punched in the stomach.
There is a medicine I can make, but to make it I need five Sparkle Legs and three Ampha Thorns. Unfortunately, the Amphas and Sparkles defend themselves very well, so I haven't been able to mix up the medicine.
Can you help?"


"Thank you, [Player Name]! Mijou was right to recommend you for this.
Hurry to the Ishalgen Prison Camp and bring back five Sparkle Legs and three Ampha Thorns.
If you fail, and Ulgorn's illness becomes public knowledge, it could lead to a bloody--not to mention lengthy--power struggle for control of the raiders. Factions would declare for themselves, and all of Ishalgen would fall into chaos."
X "On my way."


"Ulgorn is your boss--and your superior in every sense of the word. He's been like a father to all of us, and yet you refuse to help him.
It seems in the absence of the willing I must either do this job myself or die trying.
[Player Name], please reconsider. If you won't do it for Ulgorn, do it for those of us who respect him."
X "We shall see, Jephani."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you bring me the things I asked for?
Please say yes, [Player Name]. I'm terrified of what the others would do if they learn Ulgorn is sick.
Quickly, hand over whatever you have."
1 "Here you go."
"Yes! You got everything!
Oh thank Azphel! Now I can start making Ulgorn's medicine, and maybe--just maybe--he'll get better. I'd hate to see the raiders tear themselves apart, and I'd hate to lose Ulgorn even more.
I'll make sure Ulgorn knows who made this treatment possible. He's a forthright man, and I'm sure he'll reward you well.
In the meantime, please take this as a sign of my own appreciation."

Summary Edit

Jephani told you Ulgorn had been suffering from a mysterious illness--an ailment kept secret from the other raiders. You agreed to help cure his condition, and collected Sparkle legs and Ampha thorns, both of which are apparently needed to restore Ulgorn's health. Once you had the ingredients, you took them back to Jephani.

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