As Notos requested, go to Haramel and get rid of <Drudgelord Kakiti>, <MuMu Ham the Grey>, and <Bossman Nukiti>. And bring back proof.

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  • Bring proof of killing Hamerun's Faithful Minions to <Notos>.

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After getting the quest, enter Haramel, and kill the three bosses. Collect <Kakiti's Work Clothes>, <MuMu Ham's Glasses>, and <Nukiti's Hammer>. Return to Notos to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I received a new order from Verteron Citadel, [Player Name]. And since you've been involved in this operation from the very beginning, I'm hoping I can count on you to finish the job.
Between us, Sanctum was more than shocked that one single Asmodian could have created such a lucrative, illegal Odium operation...and get its labor right here in our own backyard.
We believe <HamerunHamerun the Bleeder> was aided by a Shugo. A Shugo we came to trust over the years. We don't know all the details yet...but we're close."
1 "A Shugo, huh? Have a name?"
"No name on the Shugo yet, but an eyewitness description. He's not the big picture, though. Hamerun is. We need to break up his organization.
"If we let them be, they'll reorganize and grow even a disease."
1 "We'll strike out the infection then!"
"I like your initiative, [Player Name]! We must systematically attack his organization until it dwindles away.
I have a list of the mid-level managers of his crew. I need you to kill each one of them. Teach them what happens when you tango with the Elyos!
I have three names for you: <Drudgelord Kakiti>, <MuMu Ham the Grey>, and <Bossman Nukiti>. Show each one how to tie a noose."

Accept Edit

"Knowledge of Haramel's existence has been contained for now. Only four Daevas are wise to it...and you and me are two of them.
So if this information gets out into the public, I'll only have three Daevas to interrogate as to who spilled the beans.
Now kill Drudgelord Kakiti, and MuMu Ham the Grey, and Bossman Nukiti, and show me evidence."
X "They'll reap what they've sown."

Decline Edit

"[Player Name], I haven't trusted you since the first moment I saw you!
And now that you're walking away from this order, my eyes are going to be locked on you until the end of days.
You so much as breathe wrong, and I'll be watching. You're dirty...I just can't figure out how dirty yet. Yet!"
X "Shout when you have something."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you take care of our little organizational problem? Did you...terminate their employment?"
1 "And here's the proof."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You may say you've eliminated our problem, but until I see proof, the problem still exists. Know why? Because I don't trust you, [Player Name].
Terminate Drudgelord Kakiti, MuMu Ham the Grey, and Bossman Nukiti! And bring me evidence! ear, an eye, a belt...anything!"
X "You have trust issues, friend."

Successful Item Check Edit

"This is a big load off my mind, [Player Name]. A big load. Their death is our extended careers.
Any idea how Hamerun was able to enslave Kobolds and Skurvs? I heard there was some Odium abuse involved...but everybody's clammed up with the facts."

Summary Edit

Notos said Hamerun's organization should be removed systematically

So you got rid of mid-level managers Drudgelord Kakiti, MuMu Ham the Grey, and Bossman Nukiti, and brought back evidence.

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