Gestanerk admitted to you that Hamerun was the big boss of Haramel. Put an end to his dirty dealings.

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Objectives Edit

  • Terminate the big boss that governs Haramel.
<Hamerun the Bleeder> (0/1)

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Optional Reward Edit

Choose one of the following

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest from Gestanerk, use the Skylift. Work your way to Hamerun and attack him. After the fight, exit using the rift, and talk to Zephyros to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Gestanerk never expected to be in so deep, nyerk.
I took Hamerun's offer...for the Kinah. I thought, make a little Kinah, get out in a few months. But Gestanerk got in real deep, nyerk.
Hamerun is the big boss! Practically forced Gestanerk to work for him! Daeva wants Hamerun."
1 "Time to sing about Hamerun."
"Sing? Oh, talk. Why doesn't Daeva just say "talk" when Daeva means talk, nyerk? All right, Gestanerk sing now....
Hamerun is a big, powerful, evil Asmodian Daeva. He learned that Gestanerk can make Sapiens follow orders, so he paid big Kinah to help him.
Hamerun growed too greedy for his own good, nyerk. Hamerun wants to open dirty goods facilities everywhere. And he hits Gestanerk."
1 "That's all you know?"
"That's all Gestanerk knows. Wanted to wash paws of this matter for a long, long time.
If Hamerun finds out that Gestanerk talk pretty to Daeva, Gestanerk one dead Shugo! Daeva is going to kill Hamerun?
If Daeva kills the big boss, Daeva crumbles the entire operation."

Accept Edit

"Hamerun on the upper floor. Daeva take elevator right into big boss, nyerk
Gestanerk's name out of report now, yes? Gestanerk and Daeva have handshake deal?"
X "Yeah, we're solid now, Shugo."

Decline Edit

"Daeva and Shugo do not have a deal? But I talked you do not give Gestanerk a leniency deal?
Gestanerk's information was good, nyerk! Daeva do not want it, Daeva let big boss get away with murder."
X "Yeah, your murder!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Look what the Kerubar dragged in....
I was starting to get worried about you, [Player Name]. The streets are chatty with gossip about illegal Odium dealers. I was afraid someone had gotten to you.
So, did you tail that Shugo? Find anything?"
1 "Illegal Odium is only the start..."
"We have such a facility right here?! Right here in our own backyard?
And you let the Asmodian behind it all get away? And...wait, wait...and you cut a deal with three dirty Shugos?
So, what do we have, [Player Name]? We have jack-diddily, see! Here...take the Kinah I promised you and beat it. I'll clean up your mess for you."

Summary Edit

Gestanerk admitted to you that Hamerun was the big boss of Haramel, and he cut a deal to trade information for prison leniency.

You found Hamerun and nearly defeated him, but he flew away. You told Zephyros this, and although angry, he still gave you a reward.

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