Magni the Agrint says he is in a great deal of pain. Get him some Basilisk Scales and Fins, which are known to contain agents effective in relieving pain.

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Objectives Edit

  • Deliver the Agrint Essence to <Mirka>.

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Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to Alsig Village and talk to Mirka to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I have been thinking...trying to understand...the Agrint plague.
It cannot be stopped...cannot be cured. I am the only be saved. such a cost...."
1 "Let us help. We can look into it."
"Yes. Daevas have...learned much about the Elim already. Perhaps they...are best positioned to cure this...condition.
Take this, Daeva. It is my very...essence. It has been changed by the plague. We must...know why.
Mirka in the Alsig Village has...helped us before. Maybe she can help us...again."

Accept Edit

"Thank you, Daeva.
You must...persuade her to help. This plague is unlike...any other, and we must...find out how it works."
X "I understand. I'll do all I can."

Decline Edit

"Please do this...for us, Daeva.
This must be done...for all the Elim. If nothing is done...and all the Elim die...Atreia will suffer greatly...."
X "I'll see if I have the time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Yes [Player Name]? What is it?"
1 "The Elim want you to examine this..."
"What? So one of the Agrint's turned back into an Elim? I'll have to send this sample up to Pandaemonium straight away.
And poor Magni! He's in terrible pain, and can do nothing but watch as the other Elim are decimated.
You have done well, [Player Name]. We'll get this looked into as a matter of urgency."

Summary Edit

Magni told you to ask the Asmodians for help in order to prevent other Elim from changing into Agrints.

You agreed to help, and delivered to the Agrint Essence to Mirka.

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