You received a message from Jucleas asking you to visit him regarding the Abyss. Head to the Lyceum and speak with him.

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Talk with Jucleas to begin the quest. Now travel to the Coliseum and talk with Rinos to update quest. Travel back to Lyceum and speak with Jucleas again to update and obtain reward.

The quest dialogue makes it sound like you need to fight other players in the arena, but actually you do not need to do anything beyond the three NPC visits.

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"Ah good, you're here! How have you been getting on, [Player Name]?
It seems only yesterday that I conducted your ceremony, and yet here I am, just about to send you to the very linchpin of our war.
I have kept tabs on your progress, and the moment has come to test your mettle one final time."
1 "What must I do to prove my worth, Jucleas?"
"Such modesty. Your worth has already been proven a hundred times over, [Player Name]!
But...the Abyss is a terrifying and innately hostile world--a void filled with cruel beasts that ably demonstrate their speed, strength, intelligence, and co-operation.
Ours is the righteous path. We are Aion's chosen, but there is still this final test we must endure before we truly deserve our paradise. Do you understand?"
1 "I do."
"I'm glad. I fear sometimes that my words are lost on others who have not seen what I've seen--those whose roots are not as deep as mine.
The test you are about to take judges your physical prowess. You will battle your ascended brothers and sisters.
Head to the Coliseum, and speak with Rinos. He will give you further instruction. Faith and arms!"
1 "Faith and arms!"
"You're the one Jucleas sent, aren't you? Don't trust you, [Player Class]. Don't trust anyone as green as you.
There's only one way to impress me--martial prowess. You may be used to knocking back the odd Dukaki warrior, but they're nothing next to a Balaur.
Show me what you can do. Find other Daevas within this Coliseum to do battle with, and engage them in duels."
1 "Any advice?"
"Remember that this is for your own good.
When you've had enough, press on and fight harder. When your lungs are screaming for respite and your muscles burn from the pain, push through it.
Now go. And good luck."
1 "Thank you."
"Ah, [Player Name]--were you successful?
Do you feel you are prepared to face our greatest threat?"
1 "I believe so, Jucleas."
"I'm glad. I feel our legionaries will be most relieved once you join their ranks.
However, it is not that simple. You have demonstrated that your body is ready for conflict, but you will need more than your body alone for this struggle.
There are still a couple more tests for you to complete."

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After warning you of the several dangers present in the Abyss, Jucleas suggested you go to the Coliseum and speak with Rinos.

You returned after completing your duels, at which point Jucleas said that there were still tests for you to complete.

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