Every Daeva is required to take a flight test before going to the Abyss. Daedalus has the details.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to <Telemachus>.
  • Talk with <Daedalus> about your flight test.
  • Go through all the rings within the time limit.
  • Talk with Daedalus again.
  • Report to Telemachus.

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Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Flight Ring

Number 2 flight ring - note the two bright white markers at the top of the ring.

After getting the quest, talk to Daedalus. There is a cut scene that shows the first few rings, each numbered with a corresponding white marker. Flying to locate the order of the rings before doing the flight test may make it easier to succeed, although there is time to fly through each ring. After succeeding talk to Daedalus again, then to Telemachus to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You've done well in your tests so far, so we know you're capable of carrying out missions in the Abyss.
Only one test remains."
1 "A final test? What is it?"
"It's the high level flight test. I don't have to tell you--if you're not an excellent flier, it's practically impossible to fight in the Abyss.
So what do you say? Are you ready?"

Accept Edit

"If you've had lots of flight experience, this one won't be a problem.
So whenever you're ready, speak to Daedalus. And good luck!"
1 "Thank you, General."

Decline Edit

"Don't let the 'high level' part throw you off--it should be easy for anyone with lots of flight experience, and of course you'll have other chances to pass.
Report back when you're ready.""
X "I will, sir."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Arieluma, Daeva--you must have come to take the flight test.
It's all part of going to the Abyss--tests like this one keep unskilled Daevas from falling into trouble, so to speak.'
1 "So what do I have to do?"
"Do you see those rings in the air around the fortress? There are six of them in all, at various heights.
The test requires you to go through all six rings within a time limit."
1 "Sounds simple enough."
"Your flight speed will increase slightly every time you fly through a ring, and you'll get a bonus to your flight time. That ought to help a little.
And keep an eye on your time, too. It's a long way down."
1 "It certainly is."
"If it looks like you won't get through all the rings within the time limit, land in a safe place and chalk it up to experience. You can keep taking the test until you pass.
The test is over when you fly through all the rings and return here to me.
1 "Ready!"

Failed Attempt Edit

"You went over the time limit, but some more practice will set you right.
Or you can take the test again now, if you'd like."
1 "I'll take the test again."
"Your confidence is a credit you you. A little faster this time, eh?"
X "I'll do it this time."
X "I'll practice some more first."

Successful Attempt Edit

"I wish they were all as good as you, [Player Name]. You'll be a credit to us in the Abyss.
Now, go to Brigade General Telemachus and tell him you've passed the test. Fly in her light!"
1 "In her light."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name]. How went the flight test?
By the look on your face, I'm guessing you passed!"
1 "I did, General."
"Good battle skills AND good flight skills. You'll do us proud in the Abyss.
There's an Abyss Gateway under the hoverstone at the entrance of the fortress. Use it with pride."

Summary Edit

Brigade General Telemachus asked you to meet Daedalus and take the flight test, the last mandatory test to obtain access to the Abyss.

You flew through the six rings surrounding the fortress within the time specified, then reported to Telemachus. He told you where to find a gateway to the Abyss.

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