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Terracrusher is a colossal warmachine developed by the Ereshkigal Balaur, deployed to attack any menace in the Upper Layer of Reshanta. This world boss serves as an event in which the whole faction must take part on due to its immense HP pool.

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Across the fight, this boss will use a variety of powerful AoEs inflicting heavy damage on its enemies. It is important to consider having a decent amount of HP. It will use Macro type 1 <Frozen Bolt Shelling> and Macro type 1 <Chilling Shelling>, a set of frontal AoEs, which are highly suggested to be avoided by staying behind the boss itself. It will also use Macro type 1 <Blizzard Barrage>, an attack affecting targets within 10m around the boss. Its most dangerous skill is Macro type 1 <Rapid Shock Wave>, another AoE affecting enemies who are more than 15m away from the caster; an attack casted three times.

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