Temple of Gold

Temple of Gold Edit

The Temple of Gold is located in Pandaemonium, across from the Capitol Building and next door to the Temple of Artisans. NPCs in this building offer access to a variety of services.

Services Edit

  • Warehouse - There are four NPCs available that will allow access to your character and account Warehouse. Two are on each side.
  • Legion Warehouse - Vist the NPC located in the back-right room of the Temple of Gold as a legion member to access the legion storage. Various legion ranks will change the access permissions.
  • Trade Brokers - Four NPCs that allow access to the Broker system where players can purchase various items or place them into the marketplace for sale.
  • Cube Artisans in the Temple of Gold can upgrade your Cube to level 5.

NPCs Edit

Cube Artisans

Quests Edit

Quest Level Given by
Tango quest icon <[Group] The Medicine Thief> 44 <Roskva>
Tango quest icon <A Rose Will Bloom> 29 <Ondarinerk>
Tango key quest icon <Looking for Garkbinerk> 35 <Nekorunerk>
Tango key quest icon <Materials for 100-slot Cube> 35 <Nekorunerk>
Tango quest icon <Veldina's Call> 10 <Veldina>

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