Order: Defeat the Mau as instructed by Mijou.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Odella> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 4,150 XP

Optional Reward Edit

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Talk with Mijou to begin quest. Collect 5 Odella from fallen Gray Mane Stalkers. Take the Odella back to Mijou for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"A few of our number seem determined on making our whole gang look like incompetent fools. I've never seen anything like it.
You think I'm talking about <Derot> and his crazy moneymaking schemes, right? Wrong. Derot may be greedy, but he's not foolish. I'm talking about a few of the others who'll stay nameless...for now.
Those idiots thought it'd be a good idea to head out to the Odella Plantation and get their greedy hands on the Odella there...."
1 "And ran into trouble?"
"Had they bumped into a Mau war party, I'd understand! But it was nothing worse than the Dundun sentries that are always there. And to our shame, these fools still had their skulls cracked!
It gets worse. They fled in...I can hardly say it...disarray.
Now I need to assemble some real raiders to head back to the Plantation and show the Mau we're not all so cowardly."
1 "Need volunteers?"


"There is only one way to restore our honor. Go to the Odella Plantation, kill the Mau, and bring back the Odella."
"Yes, and you just volunteered, [Player Class]!
Head back out to the Odella Plantation and rough up enough Gray Mane Stalkers so that they know not to mess with the Ulgorn Raiders. While you're there, gather up some Odella, just to help us meet the quota for the next caravan.
Don't shame us! Get out there and show the Mau what real raiders are made of!"
1 "The task is mine."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome back, [Player Class].
I hope you've brought back good news. <Tobu> is going to pay us a visit to make sure we're meeting out quota, and we're all a little nervous.
Did you teach those Mau a lesson like I told you? And what about the Odella?"
1 "Sure did. Here you go."
"Good work. Excellent work, in fact.
The growing number of Mau worries <Ulgorn>. He's concerned that they'll outgrow their land, and then they'll try to expand to Anturoon Crossing...and eventually Aldelle.
After a good thrashing from you, I'm sure they'll think twice about coming here. Here's your pay. You've earned it."


A few raiders went to the Odella Plantation to steal Odella but were embarrassingly thrashed by the Skurvs.

Mijou asked you to help restore the raiders' reputation. You went to the Odella Plantation, defeated the Gray Mane Stalkers, and brought back some Odella.

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