Targeting is an important part of gameplay in Aion. Understanding what information appears, and how to best use it in attacking a target can make the difference between success and failure. To select a target, either click on the NPC or use <Tab> to scroll through nearby NPCs.

Targeting Edit

Target Ring

When an NPC is selected a ring appears at their feet. A red ring indicates a mob that can be attacked. A yellow ring indicates a friendly NPC or player that cannot be attacked.

Target Status Bar Edit

Target Status Bar2

The Target Status Bar appears at the top of the User Interface when a target is selected. The red center bar is a representation of the target's health. The small circle on the left indicates red for aggressive or hostile, brown for non-aggressive and various white emblems for NPCs that are friendly. With the exception of the opposing faction, the level will be displayed next to the circle emblem. As well, during combat, the skills being used by the target will appear below the bar, along with buffs and debuffs.

Rating Edit

NPCs can be classified into four different Ratings. The status bar changes depending on its rating. The group sizes listed below are based on targets within level range of the character.

RatingTarget FrameRecommended Group Size
Normal Normal NPC Portrait Solo
Elite Elite NPC Portrait 2 to 6 Players
Heroic Heroic NPC Portrait 6 to 12 Players
Legendary Legendary NPC Portrait 1 Alliance (12 to 24 Players)

Emblems Edit

In the small circle of the Target Frame is an emblem. For NPCs, the number of dots represents increasing difficulty, and red are aggressive, brown are passive until attacked.

NPC Emblems
Novice Disciplined Seasoned Expert Veteran Master
Passive NPCs Icon emblem 1a Icon emblem 2a Icon emblem 3a Icon emblem 4a Icon emblem 5a Icon emblem 6a
Aggressive NPCs Icon emblem 1 Icon emblem 2 Icon emblem 3 Icon emblem 4 Icon emblem 5 Icon emblem 6
Player Emblems
Warriors Scouts Mages Priests
Warrior icon
Scout icon
Mage icon
Priest icon
Templar icon
Assassin icon
Sorcerer icon
Chanter icon
Gladiator icon
Ranger icon
Spiritmaster icon
Cleric icon
Other Emblems
Merchant Inhabitant Guard Functions Miscellaneous Reian
Icon emblem merchant Icon emblem inhabitant Icon emblem guard Icon emblem function Icon emblem etc Icon emblem reian

Using the Compass for Targeting Edit

Hostile radar

Once a target is selected, check the compass. Passive targets will show a white ring around their aggro radius. Aggressive targets within aggro range will show a yellow range indicator around their red dot. If the aggressive mob is very low, a red circle shows on the Compass.

By selecting nearby mobs, and checking each one's aggro range, it is possible to see if one mob is within the other's range. Not all mobs have the same aggro range in a given spot, and checking could prevent multiple mobs attacking at the same time.

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