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Taloc's Hollow map

Taloc's Hollow is a solo instance for players of level 42 and above. Introduced with the 2.0 update, its entrances are located in Taloc's Forest in Inggison and Krug Basin in Gelkmaros. Access to the instance is automatically unlocked when the player reaches the relevant campaign quest, after which it may be entered freely.

In this instance the player ventures into the interior of Taloc, the first and largest Elim in existence, in order to clear out the various parasites and creatures that have been infesting and draining the tree of its energy, which in turn threatens both regions as Taloc is responsible for the generation of Aether there. The instance is relatively straightforward, and with some careful pulls to avoid being overwhelmed by mobs is easily manageable.

In the 6.0 update this instance remains. Its entry level was adjusted, and many of the optional (and obsolete) rooms found in the first half of the instance were removed, leaving a simplified path for the player to follow.


When the Cataclysm shattered the Tower of Eternity, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia. One huge shard tore into the ground beneath a great tree, long believed to be holy by nearby villagers. Soon the tree’s roots fused with the fragment, and the tree gained sentience; it became an Elim.

This Elim, Taloc, grew with each passing day, stretching its roots into Atreia's very bones, and its branches into the turbulent skies overhead. Eventually Taloc grew so large that the Hallows inside it became veritable caverns, and the creatures that took up residence inside the Elim mutated.

Daevas were later sent to explore Taloc's Hollow by his protectors, as they heard how their elder Taloc felt the an unceasing pain in his depths. As Daevas ventured in, most of them came back days later with a mysterious illness. Shown to be some kind of poisoning, it is eventually discovered that the Aether inside is abundant and pure enough to overdose anyone who dares to enter.

As the player is called over to investigate the situation, he proves to be strong enough to withstand the deadly side-effects. Aided by a fruit bore by Taloc, the Daeva was buffed into a much stronger form; an Elim Protector, granting him a great strength overcome the menaces inside the roots.


Instance items[]

There are several items that are useful while within the instance. The first two are automatically given upon entry, while the others are found on the journey through the instance.

Item Effects
Taloc Fruit (Asmodian).gif <Taloc Fruit> Increases HP by 90,000 and MP by 40,000.
Taloc's Tears.gif <Taloc's Tears> 5,000 AOE damage to nearby enemies. Has 10 second cooldown. Shares cooldown with Shishir's Powerstone.
Shishir's Powerstone.gif <Shishir's Powerstone> Damages a single target by 7,000. Shares cooldown with Taloc's Tears.
Gellmar's Wardstone.gif <Gellmar's Wardstone> Creates a protective shield lasting 20 seconds that blocks upto 10,000 damage. One minute cooldown shared with Neith's Sleepstone.
Neith's Sleepstone.gif <Neith's Sleepstone> AOE sleep for 15 seconds of nearby enemies. Shares cooldown with Gellmar's Wardstone.
<Healing Plant> Restores 30,000 HP instantly.
<Huge Healing Plant> Restores 30,000 HP and grants Taloc's Blessing <Taloc's Blessing> buff which heals constantly for 3 minutes.


Upon entering the instance, Taloc Fruit (Asmodian).gif <Taloc Fruit> and Taloc's Tears.gif <Taloc's Tears> will be placed in the player's Special Cube. The Fruit must be used before proceeding: it will increase the player's maximum HP by 90,000 and MP by 40,000. Meanwhile, the Tears will prove to be useful when dealing with packs of monsters.

The player will start at Taloc's Roots next to <Taloc's Soul>, an NPC offering quests. While advancing into the first room, the player is reminded to make use of the Fruit. This room contains several normal graded insects, and serves a warm-up. Make your way up to the ramp in the back, defeating mobs along the way.

Cocoons holding the Reians

The player will now reach the Cocooning Chamber, where they will encounter the first named monster: <Shishir>. Being relatively easy to defeat, her only notable attack is Toxic Talon <Toxic Talon> which prevents HP recovery for 10 seconds. After taking her down, the player may loot the body for Shishir's Powerstone.gif <Shishir's Powerstone> and a Shishir's Corrosive Fuild.gif <Shishir's Corrosive Fluid>. The player may then free either one of the two Reians trapped inside cocoons in the back of the room. Doing so will grant the player an ally (similar to a Spiritmaster's spirit), the one in the left being a Templar, and the one on the right being a Cleric. They will stick around until they die or when the player defeats <Queen Mosqua> later on in the instance.

After defeating Shishir proceed along the main path. Soon the player will reach a large, open room containing a <Healing Plant> and another ramp in the back. Atop of the ramp the player will find the second named monster, <Gellmar>, amidst of a group of clodworms. Using Taloc's Tears.gif <Taloc's Tears> will easily dispose of the ones surrounding him. As for <Gellmar>, his only skill is Drain Moisture <Drain Moisture>, a strong single target attack. After defeating him the player may loot the body for Gellmar's Wardstone.gif <Gellmar's Wardstone>. Exit the room and proceed down the pathway leading to Kinquid's Den.

Purple and Yellow Smoke

Upon entering Kinquid's Den a cutscene will trigger, showing <Taloc's Soul> explaining how to counter his skills. Clearing the nearby mobs before engaging <Kinquid> reduces the possibility of fighting additional monsters. <Kinquid> is the first mini-boss of the instance and may thus present a slight bigger challenge. For the first 50% of the fight, he will stick to using Kinquid's Thrust <Kinquid's Thrust> (will cause a target to bleed) and Kinquid's Bite <Kinquid's Bite> (a single target attack). However, once he falls below 50% HP he will begin using Physical Barrier <Physical Barrier> (greatly buffing his physical defense), Magical Barrier <Magical Barrier> (greatly buffing his magical defense) and Kinquid's Blast <Kinquid's Blast> (knocking nearby targets down). The barrier buffs can be neutralized by luring <Kinquid> over the appropriate crater. When a crater releases the Yellow Smoke, it will remove his Physical Barrier <Physical Barrier>, while the Purple Smoke will remove his Magical Barrier <Magical Barrier>. He may additionally cast Thornbush Armor <Thornbush Armor>, a buff which will boost his offensive and defensive attributes.

After <Kinquid>'s defeat the journey continues into Taloc's Boughs. This seemingly ever-turning and twisting path will be infested with small monsters. <Celestius>' tentacles may sometimes block some parts, which can be resolved by simply waiting for him to retreat them after some seconds. Some care is required as some mobs on upper sections may notice the player and jump on him and drag additional mobs towards him. This place will additionally feature <Komad Diviners>, Komad warriors who may summon clones if ignored for too long.

Atop of the path the player will find himself in Taloc's Tears, where the third and final named parasite awaits: <Neith>. Defeating it will grant the player Neith's Sleepstone.gif <Neith's Sleepstone>. The player will also meet a Shulack refugee here, <Dorkin>. Make sure to interact with him before moving on to advance the campaign quest.

Pressing forward, the player will finally reach Mosqua's Nest, where the second mini-boss will be confronted: <Queen Mosqua>. This winged Klaw has a variety of skills in her set. If the small supraklaws present in her nest are not disposed of, she might call for their assistance during the battle. Throughout the fight, she uses several attacks, such as Queen's Kiss <Queen's Kiss> (knocking down nearby enemies), as well as Spawn Eggs <Spawn Eggs> (summoning several eggs around her). If the eggs are not dealt with, they will eventually hatch into additional monsters. Nearing 50%, she will use Queen's Welcoming <Queen's Welcoming> which will summon a clone of herself. She can, however, be taken down fairly easy. Nearing the end, she will add Queen's Pride <Queen's Pride> to the mix, a buff boosting her offensive and defensive attributes.

After her defeat, the player may then shatter the <Cracked Huge Insect Egg> in the middle of the room, which will then release an air current heading upwards. Gliding on this air draft will allow the player to reach Taloc's Heart, the inner-most chamber.

Abundant in Komads, players may opt to slay few groups of them in order to reach <Celestius>, or simply run past and jump down the cliff to the boss' location as they will not follow them there. If the player opts to slay some Komads they may smash open the <Concentrated Sap>, which will damage and poison the Komads standing near it.

In the Blightroot players will face <Celestius>, the final boss of the instance. This fight is rather straightforward with no major danger, but with a big skillset. Throughout the fight, he will use Celestius' Whip <Celestius' Whip> (single target attack) and Spore Shower <Spore Shower> (poisoning enemies). After 75% of HP, he will begin using Drain Moisture <Drain Moisture> (single target attack), Grasping Tendrils <Grasping Tendrils> (knocking a target down) and Celestius' Thorn <Celestius' Thorn> (bleed effect on enemies). After 25%, he will use Celestius' Net <Celestius' Net> (pulling targets onto him).

After <Celestius>' defeat, <Taloc's Mirage> will appear and thanking the player for putting an end to the corruption inside the ancient Elim. After turning in the quest the player can then leave the instance by talking to the Mirage.


NPC Drops
<Shishir> File:Shishir's Corrosive Fluid.gif Shishir's Corrosive Fluid
Shishir's Powerstone.gif <Shishir's Powerstone>
<Gellmar> Gellmar's Wardstone.gif <Gellmar's Wardstone>
<Kinquid> -
<Neith> Neith's Sleepstone.gif <Neith's Sleepstone>
<Queen Mosqua> File:Mosqua's Soul.gif Mosqua's Soul
File:Mosqua's Spirit.gif Mosqua's Spirit
File:Siel's Supreme Sword.gif Siel's Supreme Sword
File:Siel's Supreme Greatsword.gif Siel's Supreme Greatsword
File:Siel's Supreme Polearm.gif Siel's Supreme Polearm
File:Siel's Supreme Dagger.gif Siel's Supreme Dagger
File:Siel's Supreme Bow.gif Siel's Supreme Bow
File:Siel's Supreme Spellbook.gif Siel's Supreme Spellbook
File:Siel's Supreme Orb.gif Siel's Supreme Orb
File:Siel's Supreme Staff.gif Siel's Supreme Staff
File:Siel's Supreme Mace.gif Siel's Supreme Mace
File:Mosqua's Hairpin.gif Mosqua's Hairpin
File:Mosqua's Fluid.gif Mosqua's Fluid
File:Mosqua's Poison.gif Mosqua's Poison
<Celestius> File:Celestius's Heart.gif Celestius's Heart
File:Taloc's Soul .gif Taloc's Soul
File:Celestius's Crorundum Earrings.gif Celestius's Crorundum Earrings
File:Celestius's Turquoise Earrings.gif Celestius's Turquoise Earrings
File:Celestius's Sword.gif Celestius's Sword
File:Celestius's Greatsword.gif Celestius's Greatsword
File:Celestius's Spear.gif Celestius's Spear
File:Celestius's Dagger.gif Celestius's Dagger
File:Celestius's Longbow.gif Celestius's Longbow
File:Celestius's Tome.gif Celestius's Tome
File:Celestius's Jewel.gif Celestius's Jewel
File:Celestius's Staff.gif Celestius's Staff
File:Celestius's Warhammer.gif Celestius's Warhammer
File:Celestius's Sap.gif Celestius's Sap
File:Celestius's Leggings.gif Celestius's Leggings
File:Celestius's Breeches.gif Celestius's Breeches
File:Celestius's Chausses.gif Celestius's Chausses
File:Celestius's Greaves.gif Celestius's Greaves

File:(Souvenir) Taloc's Komad Statue.gif (Souvenir) Taloc's Komad Statue


Name Starting NPC Area
Tango key quest icon.png <Stigma Expansion> [52] <Garath> Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon.png Soiled Soil [?] <Taloc's Soul> Krug Basin
Tango quest icon.png A Hard Seed to Crack [?] Hard Seed Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png [Coin] Spawning the Sap Suckers [?] <Hyas> Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png The Struggle Within [?] <Taloc's Soul> Krug Basin
Tango quest icon.png Intervention [?] <Vesvola> Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Searching for a Cure [?] <Winstron> Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon.png Miener's Fruit [?] <Winstron> Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon.png A Fruitful Endeavor [?] Miener Spiritwood Forest
Tango quest icon.png Research on Mutant Insects [?] <Angrad> Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Heart of Wood [?] <Irkale> Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Practical Research [?] <Irkale> Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Taloc's Boughs [quest] [?] <Eddas> Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon.png A Shulack's Story [?] <Denskel> Krug Basin
Tango quest icon.png The Lost Tome [?] <Dorkin> Taloc's Hollow
Name Starting NPC Starting Region
Tango quest icon.png Taloc's Heart Full of Soul [?] Reemul Inggison Illusion Fortress
Tango quest icon.png The Wounds of Change [?] <Taloc's Soul> Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png A Hard Seed to Crack [?] Hard Seed Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png [Coin] Death to the Queen [?] <Hyas> Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png With Friends Like These [?] <Taloc's Soul> Taloc's Hollow
Tango quest icon.png For What Ails You [?] Crosia Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Last Part of the Cure [?] Phailos Inggisson Illusion Fortress
Tango quest icon.png The Ripe Stuff [?] Tramis Calmheart Grove
Tango quest icon.png The Exterminator [?] Tialla Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Wood-n't You Know It? [?] Adias Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png Adias's Report [?] Adias Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png The Balance [?] Crosia Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png The Shulack of Taloc [?] Tialla Taloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon.png What Book? [?] <Dorkin> Taloc's Hollow


  • This instance was originally a level 51+ instance, but it's entry level was adjusted with the 6.0 update.
  • It is believed that Taloc himself is actually located in Inggison, and that the entrance in Gelkmaros is therefore nothing more than a teleporter. This is backed up by the fact that the giant Taloc's Forest in Inggison, bearing his name, features a giant tree in its middle, while in Krug Basin there is only one main tree.
  • The instance was originally used to unlock the fourth Greater Stigma slot. This was changed with 4.8.