Very Basic Summary WalkthroughEdit

Since there's no walkthrough, I'll summarize what I can remember off the top of my head. First, you have a group that the instance gives you, if you're doing a solo campaign quest instance. If you rely on magic or specials, be sure you have enough pots to keep your skills handy. That's really my only complaint for this.

Regret's Berth, Embercrack Steps, and Destiny's Crux all have mini bosses you have to fight, which you're prompted to fight during the instance. By SplitScale Lair, you have to fight the boss, who has 2 phases. At level 66, I gained 2 levels and found things pretty easy even for a Cleric. We could probably thank the latest patch for that.

Glide through the slip stream that shows up, and make your way to Flamegaze Passage. Here, you'll find more mini bosses and a sub-boss to fight. In this case, it was a matter of focusing on the sub-boss I needed to fight. Afterward, make your way to the final boss fight. After the dragon lord gives his "You can't defeat me" speech, it's a straight forward 2-phase fight,. You fight his humanoid form, and then he goes Full Alduin. Just before you officially defeat him, there's a cut scene. You hurl your beloved Lord's light at him, the dragon says, "I'll feast on your bones!" (Famous last words), and then he just flops over. 

I suppose noone ever wrote a walkthrough because it's a classic instance. Get your DPS buddies in, have someone who can give all the heals, and treat said healer with respect. Don't go off trying to be a hero, follow the tank or party leader, and you should finish in no time. 10:49, March 1, 2019 (UTC) Gyl

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