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Tailoring combines sewing, weaving, tanning and other fabric arts to skillfully create cloth and leather items. While beginning tailors struggle to thread their needles, experts are able to create beautiful armor, belts and head gear.

Recommended Classes: Scout and Mage

Learning Tailoring[]

To become a tailor, pay 3,500 Kinah to <Zyakia> in Pandaemonium or <Daphnis> in Sanctum to learn the skill. Once you have the base skill, completing work orders will increase your crafting level and is a relatively inexpensive way to level up. Alternatively, creating items for your characters or to sell can provide a source of kinah and a way to increase your crafting level. As with all crafts, you must talk to the Tailoring Master to learn higher levels of Tailoring.

Work Orders[]

Tailoring work orders often require the player to repair broken armor or craft leather and/or cloth supplies.

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Learning tailoring designs allow players to create all sorts of cloth and leather gear from belts to helms to armor. Tailors can also craft balic items from Balaur materials.

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Noble Tailoring[]

When creating tailoring items, there is a random chance that a Noble version will result. These items have better attributes and often have more manastones slots than the standard crafting result.

Gathering for Tailoring[]

Being able to gather plant fibers for textiles, as well as various ores used in tailoring requires an adequate Essencetapping capability. The following gatherables are useful to a tailor.

Asmodian Elyos
25 Tikel Ruko
120 Twisp  
150   Fess
235   Sobi
260 Xilix  
330 Anathe  
335   Linon
415   Prolix
470 Hoca