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Suthran is the Brigade General of Altgard Fortress. He's quite brusque when he thinks his time is being wasted.

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Starts quests
Involved in quests

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"As commander of this fortress, I have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in "chat" or "light banter" with Daevas who should be facing the many threats to our success here in Altgard.
Believe me, [Player Class], if I had orders for you, you'd already be out there carrying them out with all the strength and valor befitting Asmodae's protectors.
But I have a hard time believing that you're spending your time wisely right now. And I'm absolutely certain you're wasting my time."
X "Farewell, Commander."
With quests
"Are you reporting for duty? Or is there something else you should be doing, rather than wandering around aimlessly?"

Trivia Edit

  • Suthran was originally named Sueron.
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