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A Shugo with a strange accent has been reported in Heiron. Find out who he is and make sure he's not a Lepharist spy.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

  • Xp.gif 627,800 XP


After getting the quest, use the map quest feature by opening the map, selecting the quest tab, and highlighting Suspicious Shugo on the list. Locate Roikinerk and talk to him. This completes the quest. Accept the follow up quest Tango quest icon.png <The Price of Goodwill> [41] to get access to Steel Rake.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Bah! These field reports are nearly worthless.
I ask for information about the Nute Warrens or the Lepharist Research Center, I get crazy stories about phantom ships near Jeiaparan Village or some person named Berone who vanishes in mid-air.
Here's another one! A Shugo with a strange accent traveling around Heiron. Strange accent? I can barely understand any of them anyway with their nyerk nyerking!"
1.png "Um...okay."
"Okay, check this one--a Shugo calling himself Roikinerk has been seen around the Lepharist Research Center, the Decayed Grove, and Puitonen Bogs.
What's a Shugo doing there? Making Kinah, I suppose. Blasted Shugos will trade with anyone--even Lepharists.
We'd better check this out. [Player Name], do you think you can find this Roikinerk?"


"Good, good. Look around the Lepharist Research Center, the Decayed Grove, and Puitonen Bogs.
If you think he's a Lepharist spy, do whatever you need to do."
X.png "I'll take care of it."


"I'll get someone else to check it out, then.
I think this Shugo could be real trouble."
X.png "I'm sure you're right."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

Reward Dialogue[]

"Oh, Daeva, good to see you. Nee-urk.
Help me out here. Nee-urk?"
1.png "What are you doing here?"
"Oh...Roikinerk not sure. Nee-urk. Roikinerk has never been in Heiron before, so no idea where I am now.
Was heading to village, but keep walking in circles. Nee-urk.
Roikinerk must have lost way. Nee-urk nee-urk."


Graa received a report that a Shugo with a strange accent was seen around the Lepharist Research Center, Decayed Grove, and Puitonen Bogs. She asked you to track down this odd Shugo and investigate him.

When you found Roikinerk, he said he'd lost his way.


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