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Fake Stigma is being circulated around Beluslan. Investigate the prime suspect, Hudrunerk, and report the result to Brigade General Nerita.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest, talk to Hudrunerk, who is near the exit in Beluslan Fortress. Take the box he gives you, and go to the Shadow Court in Pandaemonium to talk to Kehleb. Return to Hudrunerk, then speak to Nerita to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Have you heard? We've discovered a black market for the sale of Stigmas. It's not inherently wrong to buy Stigma at a cheap price--even Archons want to save some Kinah.
No, the problem is that these are Fake Stigmas, and they're causing serious side effects. Some have fallen unconscious, some have gone insane...the symptoms are varied, and countless.
Needless to say, Pandaemonium ordered the Archon of Dusk to track down the organization circulating this illegal Stigma"
1.png "Go on."
"The result was unpleasantly surprising. According to the Archon of Dusk, the source of the illegal Stigma is right here in Beluslan.
I'm not sure what to do with this information.... Frankly, I'm overwhelmed. My hands are full with other matters, but it is urgent that this be dealt with.
I'll be blunt, [Player Name]. I would like you to head up this Fake Stigma investigation. Can you help me?"


"On this mission, you must report to no one but me. I suspect there might be some inside connections here, including among the Archons. Use caution and discretion.
The prime suspect here is Hudrunerk. He showed up in the fortress at about the time the Fake Stigma started circulating.
Why don't you pay Hudrunerk a visit and see what you can learn."
X.png "Sounds like a plan."


"Really? I asked you, and not the Archons, because I suspect there may be an inside connection. You have my trust....
But I suppose it can't be helped if you're busy. Please come back when you have time."
X.png "I'll see what I can do."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Looking for something, nyerk? Maybe you want to make a purchase?
Sorry, Daeva, but I am not here for business. Shugo is here to research. Must see if Black Cloud Traders can do business here, nyerk."
1.png "Do you need a hand?"
"Daeva is looking for a job? Hmmmm.... Looks like you are competent enough, nyerk. Okay, I will give you a job out of my generosity.
You will run errands in Pandaemonium for me. Go to Kehleb in Pandaemonium--he has an item for me in a box."
I will pay you after you return, nyerk. Not before! And do not open the box. Akakakakak!"
1.png "I'll be right back."
"Say, you're [Player Name], aren't you? Yes. Curious.... I thought I was looking at a different Daeva. You've changed a lot from your Daeva's ceremony.
But of course you don't remember me, and why would you? I'm just a commoner like yourself. So I suppose an introduction is in order. My name is Kehleb, and I'm the Shadow Executor.
Now that that's out of the way, what can I do for you?"
1.png "I'm...working with Hudrunerk now."
"Oh.... Interesting. Though not surprising, perhaps, in your case.
Here is the box. Regulations have been quite strict lately, so tell Hudrunerk that the items have doubled in price. Negotiation is not an option.
I really am surprised to see you here on this business. I suppose I had hoped you would have climbed higher, but I suppose we commoners can only fly so high."
1.png "So it would seem...."
"Daeva is back? Akakakakak. Good, keep voice down, nyerk.
So, have you met Kehleb? Where is the box? You have not opened it up, have you? Better not have, nyerk!"
1.png "I did as you asked, boss."
"Yes, boss. I like when you say that. Say it more. Nyerk!
Hmmmm...doesn't look like you touched anything inside. Good. Here is your reward--take it. This is the pay for what you did. Not Kinah--better. Very generous of me, nyerk.
And don't forget to keep this to yourself. Tell no one! Akakakakak!"
1.png "Sure thing...boss."

Reward Dialogue[]

"You're back. That was fast. Have you met with Hudrunerk? Was the Archon of Dusk correct? Is he related to the Fake Stigma?"
1.png "I'll let this speak for itself."
"Oh, this is worse than I thought. Shadow Executor Kehleb is involved? This is bad. Very bad....
I will deliver a report to the Archon of Dusk immediately, but before I do, I must ask one more question. Did you have a strange...dream when you touched the Fake Stigma?
Hmmmm.... Usually, side effects arise when you equip the Fake Stigma or use the Stigma Skill. I had heard of this happening at least once before. I must research this further...."


Brigade General Nerita believes the source of Fake Stigma is a Shugo named Hudrunerk, an envoy of the Black Cloud Traders.

You pretended to work for Hudrunerk, and discovered that Shadow Executor Kehleb is involved.

You received a Fake Stigma from Hudrunerk as a reward, and had a strange dream after touching it. Brigade General Nerita she would look into

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