Defeat Braggin Yakomer in the Lepharist Citadel to cut off the supply of potions.

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After getting the quest, go to the Lepharist Citadel and defeat Braggin Yakomer. Return to collect your reward.

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"Come close. I've received some disturbing news, and I need your help.
We'd wondered how the Lepharists managed to construct their base in such a short period of time. Now we know.
1 "How?"
"We have an informant in the base who says the laborers are being fed some kind of secret potion.
Apparently it puts them into a state of blissful productivity--they've been working day and night to get that base completed."
1 "Wow."
"Here's what I'm thinking--we know a man named Braggin Yakomer distributes the potion to the laborers.
If you get rid of Yakomer, it might get the attention of whoever's making the stuff. When he pops his head up to look around, so to speak, we can take it off for him."

Accept Edit

"You go rattle the bushes by taking Braggin Yakomer out, and I'll see what crawls out.
And keep this secret, okay? I don't want rumors of this getting around."
X "My lips are sealed."

Decline Edit

"Well, I'll just have to take care of this personally, then. Just stay quiet about it.
I don't want any rumors of this getting around where they shouldn't."
X "My lips are sealed."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"What about Braggin Yakomer?
1 "He's poured his last potion."
"I knew you could do it. Here's your reward."

Summary Edit

Gelkugin was worried by the suspicious potion being given to the Lepharist workers. You defeated Braggin Yakomer, the man who distributed the potion, to try and shut down the supply chain.

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