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Speak with Brigade General Nerita about ending the Bakarma Legion's invasion of Asmodae once and for all.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


After talking to Nerita, go to the Abyss and talk to Votan, then return to Beluslan to talk to Nerita. After joining a group, head to the Barkarma area and enter Draupnir Cave to talk to Fafner, who is just inside. Continue into Draupnir Cave, until you can jump carefully to the lower level. Destroy the 8 Stones there, and then continue to the elevator and down to Berita's Oracle. Kill Yavant, which is relatively easy, and report back to Nerita in Belulsan Fortress. Finally report to Vidar to collect your reward.

See the Draupnir Cave page fro more strategies for the instance part of this quest.


Initial Dialogue[]

"The Balaur have been having their way with Beluslan for nearly a month now. It's time to stop them once and for all.
We've got the Aetheric Field up and running again at least, but we can't get it back to full strength."
1.png "I thought I took care of that?"
"You took out the devices that were suppressing the Observatory's field, but it turned out their plan was much larger-scale than that--they're trying to bring the Aetheric Field down across all Asmodae.
We have to destroy the Aetheric Field Suppressing Device before the whole field collapses. It's a big, big, job, and that calls for big, big bombs.
I sent a message to Governor Votan in Primum Landing requesting some heavy ordnance. Go get those bombs and then report back to me and I'll tell you what needs exploding and killing."
1.png "Blood for blood!"

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Nerita informed me I'd be handing the Aether Bombs to you. Well, here they are.
Be careful. Just one of these babies could blow a hole straight through the walls of Pandaemonium itself."
1.png "How do I work it?"
"They've been designed to be completely idiot-proof. Just set it down at the target, flip this switch, and get behind cover.
You've got about five seconds until that bomb goes off, and you don't want to be there when that happens.
You blow those scaly bastards out of Asmodae and I'll finish up wiping them out here in the Abyss. Blood for blood!"
1.png "Blood for blood!"
"Did you get the bombs? Let me see.
They're as beautiful as I imagined..."
1.png "So, what's the plan?"
"If anyone knows how to bring down the Aetheric Field Suppressing Device, it's Fafner.
Strength of shadows be with you. Now get out there and bring down those devices!"
1.png "On my way!"
"Finally, another Asmodian! I've been stuck in here for weeks with nobody to talk to!
You're here to kill them all, right?"
1.png "And bring down the Suppressing Device."
"If you can't pull this one off we're all going to be Balaur food. Well, not me, because they'll just think I'm a Drakie."
1.png "Don't worry. I'll take care of it."
"How'd those bombs work out? I want a full report."
1.png "It was everything I hoped and more..."
"Fantastic. Now those Balaur have got nowhere to run to, nobody coming in to help them. Right where we want them.
I'll send word to my men to let the Balaur bloodbath begin. You report to Governor Vidar in Pandaemonium. He said he's got a special commendation for you."
1.png "For Asmodae!"

Reward Dialogue[]

"I heard about your work in Beluslan. You did a fine job out there."
1.png "Thank you, sir."
"When you first ascended I admit I wasn't certain about you. But you've managed to overcome your bandit past, and become the most promising new Daeva of this generation.
The information officers will boast of your deeds in the streets of Pandaemonium tonight. You've brought glorious victory to Asmodae, and for that, you deserve this reward from my personal collection."


Nerita ordered you to begin driving the Balaur out of Asmodae once and for all. The first step was to restore the Aetheric Field.

You went to the Abyss to pick up the Aether Bombs to destroy the Balaur devices suppressing the field, then to Draupnir Cave, where you met up with Fafner the spy. He told you to destroy the Aether-consuming Stones with the bombs, then kill Deputy Brigade General Yavant to take down the Aetheric Field Suppressing Device.

You fought your way through the cave slaughtering the Balaur and destroying the devices, then met with Governor Vidar of Pandaemonium, who personally congratulated you on your glorious victory.

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