<William> told you about the Tolbas Village Watch, and has asked you to bring supplies to <Abolos>, the Watch leader.

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Talk with William to obtain this quest. Go to Tolbas Village and talk with Abolos to finish the quest and receive the reward.

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""Defend your hometown," my father always told me. "It was once your cradle, and it will someday be your grave."
What he didn't tell me was that I'd be fighting logistics and paperwork more often than monsters and marauders.
Just yesterday I got a request for supplies from the Watch of Tolbas Village. I had to fill out twelve different forms just to get the weapons here."
1 "Wait. They're arming themselves now?"
"Yeah, Tolbas got tired of asking us for help whenever they were attacked by monsters, so they formed a Watch.
They're enthusiastic, at least. Since they're only requesting supplies and not manpower, Spatalos has decided to help them.
They're led by Abolos. I acquired the weapons, but now I need someone to take them to the village for me."

Accept Edit

"Great. You're saving me a ton of paperwork. Thanks, [Player Name]!
While you're there, give the troops a few tips on how not to break their weapons so I don't have to send them any more replacements."
X "Sure thing. Faith and arms, Centurion."

Decline Edit

"I see.
Well, now I'm going to have to spend another hour on courier requisition forms. The next time the Watch breaks their swords, they'll need to to fix them themselves."
X "Probably do them good."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Where are those supplies William promised us? We're going to have to start outfitting the Watch with broom handles and cooking pots.
It'd be faster to forge our own weapons at this rate."
X "I have your supplies right here."
"Thank Vaizel! This is everything I asked for! <Segatus> and <Lusis> are going to love these new blades.
Thank you for this, [Player Class]. We're all in your debt."

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William wanted to send supplies to Tolbas Village, but had not found anyone to do the job.

You delivered the supplies to Abolos, the Watch leader.

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