Meet Brigade General Spatalos to receive the campaign quests for Verteron. Spatalos is inside the building that William guards.

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Upon entering Verteron Citadel, this quest will appear in the quest log. Talk with Spatalos to receive Verteron campaign quests and the reward.

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"Ah, [Player Name], isn't it? Your reputation precedes you.
As I understand it, we're all very lucky that you managed to retrieve your Daeva heritage along with your memories. Let's hope you can live up to the expectations the Elyos people have placed on you."
1 "Tell me about my mission."
"Eager, eh? Good. Your mission comes directly from Sanctum. You'll be learning what makes a Daeva. I don't know what you expected when you came here, but be prepared for anything. Don't wander around unarmed and don't shirk your responsibilities. You must give everything you have in service to Sanctum.
There are several people that you will be required to meet. Speak to them and listen carefully--one never knows when the smallest bit of information may prove essential.
May the light of Aion guide you."

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You received the Verteron campaign quests from Brigade General Spatalos. He told you that every Daeva should undergo the process, no matter how arduous it proves to be.

You met those mentioned on the order and heard the details of your missions.

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