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A stub is an article which still needs improvement or that which is not complete. A stub template/tag is a placeholder indicator or marker for an unfinished article in a wiki.

Its purpose is to inform visitors that they've arrived at a very unfinished page, and also to automatically classify the page to make it easier for contributors to find and fill out.

The other implication of a stub is that the editor who added the stub marker probably doesn't intend to fill out what they think is missing in the near future, and is inviting other editors to do so.

How to mark a page as a stub[]

Simply put {{stub}} at the very top of the page.

  • Do not mark empty pages as stubs. Stubs are for expanding info currently present, not a method for removing red (broken) links.
  • Do not stub pages that cannot feasibly be expanded in the near future. If no more information exists, it's not a stub.

How to deal with a stub[]

It's simple: Add information to the article! See the Editing tutorial if you don't know how.

You can remove the stub template if you think the article or section has been sufficiently filled out.

Finding a stub[]

See List of stubs.