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Stormwing is the final boss of the Beshmundir Temple. He once defied Tiamat herself. However, he paid by losing his freedom, being sealed away in an extra dimensional cell, guarded by <Isbariya the Resolute>.

History Edit

Stormwing's true intentions remain unknown; whether he wishes to defeat Tiamat to claim her throne as Dragon Lord, or seeking power. Whichever is true, he poses a menace to Tiamat as much as for Daevas who had recently established in Inggison and Gelkmaros.

Although powerful enough to defy Tiamat, he was still defeated in battle by her and was imprisoned within the Beshmundir Temple as a punishment and to prevent his wrath from laying to waste whatever stands on his way.

The Ice Prison is a fragmented zone, whose real location is a mystery, but can only be accessed from the Ritual Chamber in the deepest parts of the ancient temple. Isbariya's seal, protecting the entrance, has to be renewed from time to time. However, as its ritual was interrupted by the protector's assassination by the hands of Daevas, all regions are in danger due to Stormwing's possible comeback, making it imperative to Daevas to defeat the dragon before he escapes.

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This ruthless boss holds great power. During the encounter, it is easy to be overwlhmed by Stormwing's several deadly attacks and special skills.

The most common skills used throughout the fight are Midnight Wind <Midnight Wind>, a frontal AoE which will lay a debuff decreasing defence against magic and physical damage, and Threshing Wind <Threshing Wind>, stunning all targets in range of Stormwing. Due to Midnight Wind <Midnight Wind>, all players except for the tank should avoid being in front of the boss. As when Threshing Wind <Threshing Wind> is being casted, players should try to move away from him. Additionally, he may also use Savage Teeth <Savage Teeth>, dealing significant damage and knockdown a specific target.

Nonetheless, Stormwing's most dangerous ability is summoning Twisters during the fight. They have several effects, from putting targets into an Aether's Hold state, to decreasing defensive stats and poisoning. It is imperative for players to move around the field, as these Twisters will move randomly. They will spawn depending on the damage dealt on Stormwing.

The fight gains higher difficulty at 50%, when Stormwing begins using Dragon&#039;s Quake <Dragon's Quake>. Similar to Threshing Wind <Threshing Wind>, but with a much larger range of effect. Nearing the end, he will buff himself with Voltaic Storm <Voltaic Storm>, drastically increasing his attack and defences, which cannot be removed. Party members should start throwing out all their damage during this phase, as Twisters and AoEs might easily sweep the group away.

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