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Stonespear map

Stonespear Siege map

Stonespear Siege, also called Territorial Battle, was an instance for 12-man alliances of players of level 65 and above. It could be accessed from the Legion Villages in Cygnea (Elyos) and Enshar (Asmodians)

This instance's purpose was to pose as a challenge for those legions wishing to occupy a Legion Village. The final score of the instance will determine the legion's ranking in the week's competition for the Legion Village they accessed it from.

This instance was removed from the game with the 6.0 update.

Backstory Edit

As the Tejhi inhabited their land, each tribe would settle disagreements and rituals within the grounds of ancient arenas built across their territory. However, after their eventual change in fate as their land sank into the ocean, these arenas remained unused for centuries.

With the rise of these lands back to the surface of the planet and divided between Cygnea and Enshar, the temples were claimed by the Elyos and Asmodians. Aware of the possible profit from the relics and riches inside, they had rebuilt them. Daevas now use it as a battleground to test their mettle, proving the supremacy of their legion over others'.

Access Edit

Main article: Legion Village

In order to enter the instance, the Brigade General of the legion will have to be in possession of a Gold key <Stonespear Key>, only obtained from having completed the Territorial Battle legion tasks, given to the player which has contributed the most. Once the key is used on the entrance, the legion's attempt will be submitted to the scoreboard, giving them 30 minutes to enter the instance. Once the alliance is ready, they may hop inside.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance itself is an arena, similar in shape to the ones in Crucible Challenge and Empyrean Crucible. Much like those, the alliance will have to successfully finish a series of stages, composed of rounds. The longer the legion lasts inside the arena without being overwhelmed by the monsters which spawn, the higher their score will win.

Once a player dies, there is no way to ressurect them or reintegrate them to the battle (with the exception of the use of Hand of Reincarnation I <Hand of Reincarnation I>). The result of every player in the arena dying translates in the end of the instance. Dead players may however spectate from outside. When the whole alliance is defeated, the whole instance will be nuked, killing everyone, and a message will appear showing their rewards and the time they lasted.

The instance will only end provided:

The last two cases do not fully guarantee the highest rank. As they are determined by both time and score, if a team survives long enough without acquiring enough points, their rank might be lower.

Upon entering, the alliance will be teleported to the center of the arena and forced to await 3 minutes until the instance begins. Players take this time to buff up and get ready. When the countdown ends, the barrier will collapse, starting the first round.

Rounds follow one same set up. The first phase is composed of several mobs spawning, and the team will have to defend a generator (<Kaisinel's Guardian Stone> for Elyos and <Marchutan's Guardian Stone> for Asmodians) from their attacks for 2 minutes. The following phase involves a big horde of mobs which spawns, and the alliance must take them down within 2 minutes. Additionally, there will be four <Aetheric Field Blastone>, which must also be destroyed. Finally, the third phase will spawn a named boss with powerful skills and attacks as well as powerful additional monsters spawned.

Damage dealers play an important role as they must deal enough damage on the monsters, not only to avoid being overwhelmed by the mobs of the part, but also the ones from the following one. The phases will keep running regardless of whether the previous waves have been dealt with.

Round 1 Edit

Phase 1

A <Kaisinel's Guardian Stone>/<Marchutan's Guardian Stone> will spawn in the middle of the arena, and it will instantly be attacked by a wave of <Shulack Outriders>, <Rubblespout Spirits> or <Owllau Outriders>. All support classes on the alliance will focus on making the generator last longer by healing it (priest or muse classes should make sure to buff its HP) while the rest of the alliance disposes of the mobs. This should be done as soon as possible.

If the group is swift enough, the generator will stay online, showing that they have successfully passed the first round. However, if the generator is destroyed, the instance will instantly end.

Provided the players have succeeded, players should immediately focus the <Macadamic Jester> running around the arena, which will reward 12,000 points upon defeat. However, as soon as a member spots an <Agitated Kebbit>, a swift-moving mob which will disappear shortly after spawning, rewarding 1,500 points when killed.

Phase 2

A huge group of similar mobs from the first phase will spawn which will attempt to attack any nearby players. Here, players must deal with them without being overwhelmed by their damage, which is accomplished by kitting the mobs around in circles while others slowly take them down. Each monster will award 100 points.

After the horde has been disposed of, players may move on to the four <Aetheric Field Blastone> which spawned on the four corners of the map. Their only skill is Lava Eruption <Lava Eruption>, which inflicts damage on nearby targets.

From this point on, <Macadamic Jesters> and <Agitated Kebbits> will still spawn on every Phase 1 and 2 of every Round; it is highly suggested to focus them right away.

Phase 3

<Vision of Hamerun> will spawn in the middle, and he will reward 12,000 points upon being defeated and must be defeated within 2 minutes, or players will have to deal with Round 2 at the same time. Across the fight, he will use Stone Skin I <Summon Mind Control>. This skill will put a shield on him making him completely invulnerable to damage as well as summoning <Summoned Dukaki Screamers> and <Summoned Dukaki Throwers>. The additional monsters should be dealt with fast. He will also use Surprise Attack VI <Crush Dreams> (a wide area attack) and Macro type 1 <Magical Explosion> (a hard hitting AoE).

Alternatively, the team will confront <Vision of Kaliga>. His skills will include Macro type 1 <Wide Area Strike> (an AoE attack), Macro type 1 <Wide Area Power Attack>, Macro type 1 <Magical Explosion> and Macro type 1 <Kaliga's Shout> (a frontal attack). He will additionally summon <Summoned Manor Servants> and <Summoned Manor Maids>, and much like the other fights, they will have to be dealt with first. When low on HP he might sometimes summon <Summoned Lady Angerr> and <Summoned Deputy Judge Wyr>, which indicates that the alliance must hurry and finish out the boss.

Finally, another possibility is fighting <Vision of Kromede>. With similar attack patterns and skills to the other bosses.

Round 2 Edit

Phase 1

The same as the previously mentioned, Phase 1 in Round 1. The party will have to protect the <Kaisinel's Guardian Stone> or <Marchutan's Guardian Stone> from waves of monsters for two minutes. The only difference will be that, along with the previous waves, mobs with higher rewards in points will spawn (200 points); <Cinderspout Spirits>, <Shulack Gladiators> and <Owllau Gladiators>.

Phase 2

Follows the same structure as the previous ones. However <Aetheric Field Blastone> will reward 1000 points instead of 500 points.

Phase 3

Players will fight one of the three following bosses: <Apparition of Triroan>, <Apparition of Lanmark> or <Apparition of Bakarma>. Unlike the ones from the previous ones, these ones will have higher stats, dealing more damage.

<Apparition of Triroan> will use Freeze Leg <Summon Flame> (inflicting damage on nearby targets), NPC spiralarrow g1 <Summon Gust> (an AoE attack), Macro type 1 <Wide Area Strike>, Macro type 1 <Wide Area Power Attack> and Macro type 1 <Magical Explosion>. The other bosses will follow similar strategies.

Round 3 Edit

Phase 1

The same design, with the same monsters as the previous rounds. However, another tier of mobs will be added. Instead of rewarding 100 or 200 points, they will reward 300 points: <Shulack Scouts>, <Owllau Menders> and <Waterspout Spirits>.

Phase 2

Same design as the previous rounds. <Aetheric Field Blastone> will reward 1500 points instead of 1000 points.

Phase 3

Once again, players will fight one boss out of three possible targets. Most notably, these bosses will be legendary-grade bosses, unlike the previous ones being ultimate-grade. They include <Vision of Calindi>, <Vision of Rudra> and <Vision of Tahabata>.

Round 4 Edit

Phase 1

Last usage of the design. The alliance must deal with all the previously fought monsters along with some new ones. These will reward 400 points instead of 100, 200 and 300 points. They include <Shulack Warlocks>, <Owllau Warlocks> and <Galespout Spirits>.

Phase 2

Last usage of the design. The team must once again encounter the <Aetheric Field Blastone>, now rewarding 2000 points instead of 1500 points, and the horde of mobs.

Phase 3

Unlike the previous rounds, the ultimate final boss of this instance is a single one; <Vision of Guardian General>. This strong foe will follow a similar skill pattern to its predecessors and the actual general protecting the fortresses. However its attacks being extremely strong and itself being extremely resilient.

Prizes Edit

The quantity of the rewards given automatically at the end of the instance is determined by the length of the time they lasted. Based on those factors, each member will receive a rank, and be rewarded with its respective rewards.


In addition to these rewards, the Brigade General of the legion will be given the following rewards if they are the legion with the highest score of the week. They are all tradeable for players in the same legion.

Legions with the second and third highest scores will meanwhile only receive Box type 7 <Legion Victory Reward BoxesLegion Victory Reward Box>.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The actual name of the instance is Stonespear Reach, however, upon its release, the name was mistyped and has remained as Stonespear Siege ever since.
  • The third phase of every round follows a specific theme when picking bosses:
    • Round 1: Low level content
    • Round 2: Level 45-50 content
    • Round 3: Balaur Dragon bosses
    • Round 4: Content related to fortress sieges
  • In the waiting room, outside the arena, there will be a <Legion Territory Manager>. While this NPC offers a buff to those who talk to her, it is useless as it can only be given to those who are no longer taking part on the battle, therefore ineffective against the actual run.
  • The most appropriate names for <Apparition of Lanmark> and <Vision of Rudra> are Apparition of Lannok and Vision of Stormwing respectively.

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