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Stone is the Information Officer of Verteron Citadel. He enjoys playing games when he's not making announcements. He has a very loud voice.

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Starts quests

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"Hear ye! Hear ye! Fresh from where it's happening, Stone brings you the latest news!
Keep your eyes on the skies! The amount of floating debris is on the rise.
The results from the Sanctum cooking contest are in, and the winner is...<Uno>, from Akarios Village!
Remember everyone, this is the Week of Pilgrimage. To pay homage to the five Seraphim Lords, please make your way to the Holy Ground.
In other breaking news, Tolbas Village has begun a recruiting drive to enlist new members for the Watch. If you think you have what it takes, speak to <Abolos>."
1 "I would hear more."
X "I've heard enough."
"Cough! Oh, my poor throat...and I used to have such a soft, gentle voice.
What do you want? Are you bringing me more news to announce?
You'll need to see <High Priest SeleneSelene>. All the news goes through her first. Nothing meets our people's ears without being approved."
X "You've got a tough duty, my friend."
With quests
"Cah...urgh...all this shouting is tearing my throat to ribbons."

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  • Stone is only present during the day.
  • This NPC was originally named Taiotus.

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