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Steel Rake Fortress map

Steel Rake Fortress is a solo event instance for players of level 76 and above. It is accessible from the main base in Lakrum through <Watarunerk> in Ancient Sanctum of Life for Elyos and <Hatarunerk> in Ancient Temple of Wisdom for Asmodians. Like other event instances, this instance is only active as long as its respective event is running.

<Katoshunerk> is shooting an action movie, featuring a Daeva as their main star. During the shooting, the player must infiltrate a Shulack fortress currently building a powerful cannon and taking down its captain, <Prodigal Grogget>.

Additional Entries Edit

The instance offers a variety of ways to acquire bonus entries outside of the usual entry scrolls bought from the online store. The player may acquire a Green bead <Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem>, which while holding in their inventory will allow them to enter an additional time. This can be achieved by talking with the entrance NPC normally as you would to enter. A different dialogue window will appear confirming if the player wishes to use a Green bead <Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem>. Each entry consumes the item.

SRF - Entry

The Green bead <Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem> comes from a bundle; Box type 7 <[Event] Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem Bundle(Event) Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem Bundle>. This bundle can be registered on the broker. But, most importantly, it can also be purchased from the Gold Ingot section of the Gold Sand Traders. Each bundle costs two Gold Ingot <Gold Ingots>, with a daily limit of two purchases.

Through the duration of the event, players who remain online for at least 3 hours will receive a Green bead <Steel Rake Fortress Bonus Entry Gem> automatically for that character.

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is timed. The player has 15 minutes to complete the instance, otherwise no rewards will be given. This countdown begins once they interact with the jet boat (<Fortress Runner>) anchored on the pier. The timer can only be stopped by defeating <Prodigal Grogget>. <Waderunerk> will give a briefing of the instance's objectives. There are two main objectives (required to complete the instance) and a side-objective which increases the final reward.

While the side-objective is beneficial, it can potentially consume a great chunk of the time available. While most of the instance is performed with preset skills, the final encounter with <Prodigal Grogget> is strictly a normal fight, meaning gear plays an important role. If the player is undergeared to deal with endgame content, they should most definitely avoid the side-objective.

Outer Fortress Edit

Fortress Runner

Fortress Runner

This short straightforward section consists of the player mounting the <Fortress Runner>, giving them access to two skills; Fire Cannon <Drana Bomb> (quick short attack) and Fire Cannon <Ranged Drana Bomb> (stronger AoE attack). Certain obstacles, such as <Rocky Debris> and the <Steel Fortress Fortress Gate> will block the main path, requiring the player to use these skills to destroy them as they come across.

Guard District Edit

Upon entering this area, the player will be dismounted from their <Fortress Runner> and meet <Waderunerk> once again. He will give the player two items. The first one will be the Bomb event <Oil Pipeline Destruction Bomb>, required for destroying the three <Oil Pipeline Controller>. The other one being the Device type 2 <Remodeled Steam Tachysphere Boarding Device>, allowing the player to mount a tachysphere, fully recovering their HP and granting them access to exclusive and powerful skills.

While mounting the tachysphere, the player may only use its four skills:

Despite the purpose of Immortal <Emergency Repair (T)>, because of its lengthy cast time, it is a lot more time-efficient to instead remove the tachysphere buff (dismounting) and instantly using the Device type 2 <Remodeled Steam Tachysphere Boarding Device> again for a quick heal.

In order to progress through this section, the player must destroy a <Oil Pipeline Controller> in order to pass through. This is done by simply interacting with it, and, after a lengthy interaction bar, selecting the option in the dialogue window. However, every <Oil Pipeline Controller> is also guarded by a <Steel Rake Shulack Supervisor>, which must be killed before attempting the interaction. At the same time, several <Wary Steel Rake Kobold Sweepers> will pour out from the nearby <Labor District Director Room Entrance> in timely intervals. By interacting with them, the door can be boarded up, preventing any <Wary Steel Rake Kobold Sweepers> from spawning.

Mobs in this section have a variety of time-waster skills, including pulling repeatedly, lengthy sleep inducing skills, knockdowns, silencing and binding which prevent the player from using skills, as well as DoTs which will prevent them from completing object interactions.

Rescue Prisoners Edit

This is the side objective consists of rescuing captured Shugos across the Guard District. Doing so requires taking down the respective named mob of the section and looting the key from its corpse. Upon being teleported to the appropriate section, the player will be dismounted from the tachysphere.

They include:

Upon acquiring the key, they may look around for nearby Shugos and interacting with them. However, not all of them will count towards the objective. Some Shugos are actually decoys which will summon a Shulack mob to attack the player. Next to the boss' spawn, there will be a list showing which Shugos are the real ones. A way of doing this is memorising the names and only rescuing those, or, alternatively, straight up freeing the Shugos and rely on luck. The actual prisoners and the decoys will always be the same. Knowing beforehand what Shugos are the real ones comes with the benefit of not wasting time on going for them if they are in a hard to reach location or surrounded by guards.

First Section Second Section Third Section
Geumtrunerk Huadoranerk Cheondaninerk
Gigoonerk Moksurnerk Gomgunerk
Sunanerk Todorinerk Hedarunerk
Komaninerk Jandanmonerk Myungdanrunerk
Ludarinerk Shunamonerk Hadonrunerk

There are ways to make killing the boss drastically faster. This relies on mounting the tachysphere on special spots where it was not intended to be able to use it on. Because this was not intended, it allows the player to kill them instantly.

For the first section, after entering the Defense Warehouse, go up the stairs as usual. Upon exiting to the ledge where the player would to jump onto the following building, mount the tachysphere and proceed to kill <Madame Chichirico> with the mount's attacks.

The second and third sections require a different approach. First of, the player must have looted the Iron Hook <Steel Rake Fortress Hook> from the chest in the lower floor of the Defense Warehouse. After teleporting to these sections, aggro any of the ranged-attack mobs and jump off back onto the lower floor. This includes <Steel Rake Shulack Spiritualists> and <Steel Rake Shulack Hunters>. Said mob will stay at the top, attacking the player. Use the Iron Hook <Steel Rake Fortress Hook> on the mob, and immediately afterwards board the tachysphere by using the Device type 2 <Remodeled Steam Tachysphere Boarding Device>.

SRF - All Shugos

All Shugos rescued

Steel Rake Cannons Edit

This is the final room of the instance, where <Prodigal Grogget> is and will be fought. The fight is simple, with no special skills or mechanics. Once he is dead, the timer for the instance will be stopped. <Grogget'sProdigal Grogget> corpse will drop a certain amount of Key type 1 <[Event] Steel Rake Fortress Chest Keys(Event) Steel Rake Fortress Chest Key> depending on the amount of Shugos saved. <Waderunerk> will then spawn along with all Shugos which had been saved. <Waderunerk> will allow the player to be teleported to the treasure section.

Quests Edit

Both quests are available from <Katoshunerk>, the NPC which exchanges rewards for (Event) Still Shot <[Event] Still Shots(Event) Still Shot>.

Rewards Edit

Note: Rewards may vary depending on the instalment of the event and the region it is being hosted on. Check the main website for the rewards listings.

Upon talking with <Waderunerk> after defeating <Prodigal Grogget>, the player will be teleported to the Stray Island. Looted Key type 1 <[Event] Steel Rake Fortress Chest Keys(Event) Steel Rake Fortress Chest Key> can be used on the chests which spawn here. By default, there is one every time for defeating the final boss in time. Depending on the amount of Shugos rescued, additional chests will appear, each Shugo meaning one more.

Each chest will drop between 10 to 30 (Event) Still Shot <[Event] Still Shots(Event) Still Shot> randomly. (Event) Still Shot <[Event] Still Shots(Event) Still Shot> can be exchanged for the event's main rewards through <Katoshunerk>.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The instance was introduced with the 6.5 update.
  • The main boss, <Prodigal Grogget>, is based on the iconic <Brass-Eye Grogget> from Steel Rake.
  • During the event's first instalment, completion of the Tango quest icon [Event] Daeva's Challenge [?] quest would reward 22px Ice Gems. This was an oversight, as the item has no relation to this event, rather its for a different one entirely. The item was later removed from the players' inventories.
  • There is a chest inside the Defense Warehouse which drops a Iron Hook <Steel Rake Fortress Hook> when opened. Its sole purpose is to give players an alternative to jumping platforms.
  • As part of the rewards, the event offers the 22px Jet Ski. This item is a mount version of the <Fortress Runner> featured inside the instance.

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