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Steel Rake concept

Steel Rake or "SR" was a set of instances available to players of level 40 and above. Players could enter the Steel Rake Cabin version (Solo) and the Steel Rake version (Group), both set in different parts of the ship.

In the group version, players will need to clear the lower decks in order to gain access to the upper decks.

The ship itself is named after the captain's, <Brass-Eye Grogget>, who has a steel hook for one of his hands. The ship used by him and his band of Shulack racketeers, the Steel Beard Pirates, to sail through the Abyss, but is currently anchored somewhere to undergo repairs. The Black Cloud Traders seize this opportunity to sneak the player on board.

Accessing the Steel Rake Edit

In order to introduce the Steel Rake instances, players may complete quests to understand its backstory.

Black Cloud Airship

The Black Cloud Traders' ship, allowing access to Steel Rake from Sanctum

Instances Edit

There are two separate areas to Steel Rake, accessed by different Shugos.

Trivia Edit

  • As of 4.5, the instance underwent several nerfs.
  • Originally, this was a 3-part group instance. However, this eventually got changed, making the Middle section a solo instance and the Lower and Upper (Decks) sections a separate group instance.
  • The entrance has been moved around several times:
    • The original instance was located in the Outer Dock in Sanctum for Elyos and the Airship Dock in Pandaemonium for Asmodians. To enter Steel Rake Cabin, Elyos would talk to <Amirinrinerk> and Asmodians to <Sarurinrinerk>. To enter Steel Rake, Elyos would talk to <Hikarunerk> and Asmodians to <Raninerk>.
    • With the addition of the Fast Track Server, players would be able to enter the instances from New Heiron Gate (Elyos) and Beluslan Fortress (Asmodian) as well.
    • As of 4.9, both entrances were left inactive and it was moved to Black Cloud Port in Frost Spirit Valley in Beluslan for Asmodians, and Black Cloud Landing in Puitonen Bogs in Heiron for Elyos.

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