Stealth is a skill that allows the cloaking of the player or group members. Stealth is broken down into two forms: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Stealth Edit

Basic Stealth can be achieved via two skills:

  • Cloaking Word I <Cloaking Word I> - Only available to Spiritmasters at level 40 with a stigma. Cloaking Word hides all group members within a certain range. Unlike Hide I, any use of skills or movement will break hide.

Basic Stealth is much easier to detect than Advanced Stealth. Any class can detect basic stealth with a Seed Seed of Detection, a gatherable item from many mid to high level vegetables. Sorcerers have a 30 second detection skill, Boon of Clairvoyance I <Boon of Clairvoyance I>, while the Assassin's Searching Eye I <Searching Eye I> lasts for 1 minute.

The keen eyes of a Ranger have a highly developed detection ability. Their detection skill, Hunter&#039;s Eye I <Hunter's Eye I>, has a much longer duration than its cool down. This means that a Ranger can easily detect basic stealth 100% of the time. In comparison, the Assassin is only able to detect basic stealth 50% of the time, the Sorcerer 5% and a Seed of Detection 16%.

Advanced Stealth Edit

Advanced Stealth is limited to Assassins or through the artifact Tenebrous Cloak in Reshanta.

  • Hide II <Hide II> - Compared to Hide I, Hide II is superior in every way. Only Assassins and Rangers can detect Hide II (with All-Seeing Eye I <All-Seeing Eye I>) which limits the chances of detection dramatically. Hide II only has a -20% movement speed debuff. Up to 2 preparation skills can be cast while hidden.
  • Wind Walk I <Wind Walk I> is the Assassin's 2K DP skill. Wind Walk I is the only skill that can allow the player to hide while in combat. Not only that, but Wind Walk actually increases the players speed while hidden. The only downfall is the extremely short duration of this hide which only lasts a maximum of 20 seconds. Up to 3 preparation skills can be cast while hidden. The same rules apply to breaking this hide once hidden.
  • Shadow Walk I <Shadow Walk I> is an amazing demonstration of the Assassin's ability to hide. This is the only advanced stealth skill that allows the Assassin to remain hidden 100% of the time. Assassins are able to be in advanced stealth for a full 5 minutes with a 3 minute cool down. Up to 3 preparation skills can be cast while hidden. The same rules apply to breaking this hide once hidden.
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