Staff equipped

A player with a staff equipped.

A Staff is a weapon consisting of a long shaft of wood or metal. These weapons channel magical properties when in the hands of Clerics and Chanters. While not a devastating melee weapon in the hands of a novice, one should be careful when facing an experienced Priest wielding this weapon.

Staff stats
Attack Speed 2.0s
Speed Normal
Strikes 3 Strike Weapon
Wield Type Two-Handed
Range (Extendable) 3m (7m)

Rarity Edit

White Staff type 1 White Staff type 2 Common (White) These are the most commonly dropped item and the rarity sold by vendors. Common items typically have 1 manastone slot.
Green Staff type 1 Green Staff type 2 Superior (Green) These are still frequently dropped by NPCs. They typically have 2 manastone slots and higher attributes and bonuses. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP, which grant players PvP attack bonuses.
Blue Staff type 1 Blue Staff type 2 Heroic (Blue) These items are hard to find and have even more increased attributes and 3 manastone slots. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP and <Silver Medals>. They have higher PvP attack bonuses.
Gold Staff type 1 Gold Staff type 2 Fabled (Gold) These items are very rare drops and typically have 4 manastone slots. They are quite expensive from Contribution vendors requiring lots of AP and <Gold Medals>. However, they have a very high PvP attack.
Orange Staff Eternal (Orange) These items are the rarest and can only drop from rare world bosses or instance bosses. They typically have 5 manastone slots. Eternal items can also be crafted by master crafters.

Enchanting Edit

Each level of enchantment on a staff adds +3 Attack and +20 Magic Boost to a maximum total of +30 Attack at +10 (+45 at +15) and +200 Magic Boost (+300 at +15). For more information on enchanting, see the Enchant page.

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