You need a Spirit Blade to control your dangerous inner powers. Ask Skuld about the Spirit Blade designs and have Baoninerk craft the sword.

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Objectives Edit

  • Speak to <Munin>.
  • Ask <Skuld> for the Spirit Blade designs.
  • Get Spirit Blade Components and take them to Baoninerk.
Ancient Balaur Heart (0/1)
Pure Drazma Crystal (0/1)
Blue Golem (0/1)
  • Return to Munin.

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Walkthrough Edit

After talking to Munin, you will be directed to speak to Skuld who gives you the designs. You will then need to go to Dark Poeta, Steel Rake and Adma Stronghold to get the required components. Gather up all the needed items and take them to Baoninerk on Tigraki Island to make the weapon. Take the weapon to Munin in Ishalgen.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You have to do exactly what I tell you from here on.
You have much more power than you should. So much that it will use you rather than you using it.
There are items--weapons, in particular--that can draw off excess power. The Spirit Blade is one such weapon."
1 "How can I get one?"
"It's an ancient Balaur weapon--they can no longer be found in Atreia.
The weapon designs still exist, though. <Kasir> found one in the Secret Library, and smuggled it out to Skuld. She'll tell you how to make the sword.
As soon as you have it, bring it to me. Time is not on our side here. Blood for blood, [Player Name].
1 "Blood for blood, Munin."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Ah, you've come back!
The fact does not surprise me, but the when...that does. I didn't expect you to have walked your path so briskly.
So, how does it feel? The spray of the tides, I mean. Do you still feel it? Does it still register as something to you? Do you even remember my words, spoken so long ago?"
1 "Skuld, Munin sent me...."
"You forget who I am, [Player Name]. You forget what I see. I have the designs you want, but you will not take them. Instead, write down these instructions exactly as I give them to you.
"Melt Adamantium and Ancient Balaur Heart at a ratio of 3 to 1. After ten temperings and ten thousand strikings on the anvil, attach a hilt made from a Pure Drazma Crystal."
"Mix Blue Soul Powder with the Water of Life, and apply the mixture to the sword nine times.""
1 "Okay, I've got that."
"You'll find the Pure Drazma Crystal in Dark Poeta, in the Balaur Supply Box. The Ancient Balaur Heart is on the pirate ship Steel Rake, and Blue Golem is in the necklace of Lord Lannok of Adma Stronghold.
When you have all the materials, take them to Baoninerk. He's the only one alive who can forge the sword. He'll make it in return for the designs.
And just like that...your path stretches out again. Walk it willingly, my friend...your destiny awaits."
1 "It was good to see you again."
"Does Daeva need Baoninerk to craft weapon?
You probably couldn't afford me! Akakakakak!
Many other excellent Shugo weaponsmiths, but as Baoninerk is the best, fees are extremely high. What could Daeva like you afford to pay?"
1 "You're going to make me a Spirit Blade."
"Daeva is being funny, yes? You want Spirit Blade? You have designs?!
Last Spirit Blade disappeared hundreds of years ago. Daeva probably not even 100 years old!
If Baoninerk has proof, will make sword for free. Oh...was that Baoninerk's outside voice?"
1 "Here's everything you need."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Hmmm...designs good enough, but where are materials? Easy enough to talk about it, yes?
Baoninerk will provide Adamantium and Water of Life, but Daeva should at least bring Drazma Crystal, Ancient Balaur Heart and Blue Golem, yes?"
X "Yes. Back soon."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Nyerk! It's true! Baoninerk can craft legendary Spirit Blade!
Just wait here.... Keep waiting....
Done! Please be careful with Baoninerk's masterpiece, Daeva. This is most wonderful thing Baoninerk ever made. Baoninerk wants to keep it forever, but a promise is a promise...nyerk...."
1 "I'll treasure it, Baoninerk."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You were gone a long time, [Player Name]. But then time passes slowly when you're imprisoned inside a crystal, eh?
You've brought it, have you not? Let me see it!"
1 "Here it is."
"I know this hasn't been easy, and it's not over yet. Not nearly over. But we have the sword, and that's a beginning.
I'll hold it for you until you're ready to handle its power.
Try to wield it now, and it might very well consume you."

Summary Edit

Munin said you would need a special weapon to beat Hellion. he told you to meet Skuld, who had the designs for a weapon called the Spirit Blade.

You collected the materials required and took them to Baoninerk as Skuld instructed. The weapon was then made for you.

You took the completed Spirit Blade to Munin, who said there were still many things to do before your battle. He offered to keep hold of the sword until you were ready to properly wield it.

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