Spirit's Empowerment
Spirit's Empowerment
Tango mana 488
Tango activation 0s
Tango cooldown 3m
Class Spiritmaster
Level 55
Type Buff
(Stigma Skill)
Target Self
Spirit's Empowerment
lvl 1
Increases your Magical Acc by 100, Magic Boost by 100, and Magic Suppression by 300 for 2m.

Also increases Maximum HP by 20%, Speed by 10%, and magical attack by 10%.

These buffs disappear when you summon a Spirit.
Stigma Skill
Cast Time
Usage Cost
MP 488

Spirit's Empowerment increases the caster's magical accuracy, magic boost, magic suppression, speed, maximum HP and magical attack by sacrificing the spirit. The effect disappears once the spirit a spirit is summoned back.

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