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Spellbooks contains ancient knowledge only available to those schooled in magic. Mages have been known to use them not only to store and enhance their powerful spells, but also as ranged weapons, to fling their pages at an enemy to keep them at bay. While most would think it absurd, Sorcerers and Spiritmasters know the pages of these mystical objects are able to regenerate.

Spellbooks typically have higher Magical Accuracy and lower Magic Boost than orbs.

Spellbook stats
Attack Speed 2.2s
Speed Slow
Strikes 1 Strike Weapon
Wield Type Two-Handed
Range 16m

Rarity Edit

White Tome type 1 White Tome type 2 Common These are the most commonly dropped item and the rarity sold by vendors. Common items typically have 1 manastone slot.
Green Tome type 1 Green Tome type 2 Superior (Green) These are still frequently dropped by NPCs. They typically have 2 manastone slots and higher attributes and bonuses. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP, which grant players PvP attack bonuses.
Blue Tome type 1 Blue Tome type 2 Heroic (Blue) These items are hard to find and have even more increased attributes and 3 manastone slots. Contribution vendors sell these items for AP and <Silver Medals>. They have higher PvP attack bonuses.
Gold Tome type 1 Gold Tome type 2 Fabled (Gold) These items are very rare drops and typically have 4 manastone slots. They are quite expensive from Contribution vendors requiring lots of AP and <Gold Medals>. However, they have a very high PvP attack.
Orange Tome Eternal (Orange) These items are the rarest and can only drop from rare world bosses or instance bosses. They typically have 5 manastone slots. Eternal items can also be crafted by master crafters.

Enchanting Edit

Each level of enchantment on a spellbook adds +3 Attack and +20 Magic Boost to a maximum total of +30 attack at +10 (+45 at +15) and +200 Magic Boost (+300 at +15). For more information on enchanting, see the Enchant page.

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