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Collect Glowing Spheres by catching a Hill Sparkie or two as well as some Highland Sparkles, then bring them to Vanar, who should be able to write the orders <Ulgorn> asked for.

Quest Information[]


<Glowing Sphere> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]


Speak with Vanar to obtain quest. Kill 3 Hill Sparkies and collect their Glowing Spheres. Take the spheres back to Vanar to receive the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Curse this darkness! I can't read or write orders when the darkness sets in, and we don't get much wood for the fires.
I know, I know...the darkness makes us stronger. I've heard it all as a youngster. Those arrogant Elyos sure have it easy, though, bathing in sunlight and never struggling like me, just to make out Ulgorn's handwriting.
I have a temporary solution, though. It's not the sun, but at least <Guheitun> won't complain about me using all the firewood."
1.png "What's your idea?"
"Look around: Which creature in this environment catches your eye? Either the Hill Sparky or the Highland Sparkle, right?
It's their glowing tails. The insects use them to attract prey and mates. But I can make use of that natural luminescence, too."
1.png "Don't the tails go dark when they die?"
"They don't go dark right away. In fact, their abdomens stay alight for several hours after you sever them from the thorax.
But I'm sure the proper names of bug parts don't concern you, and I have a heap of paperwork in any case. [Player Name], I need you to catch a Hill Sparky or two as well as a few Highland Sparkles and gather their Glowing spheres for me. I'll sort my paperwork and await your return."


Thank you, [Player Name].
Remember, you can only get a Glowing sphere from a Hill Sparky or a Highland Sparkle. I should think three lights will suffice for the reports I have to get filed.
Please hurry. I'm behind schedule as it is!"
1.png "I'll get right on it."


"I'm astounded the other raiders haven't gutted you by now, [Player Class].
We Asmodians have survived by helping each other whenever we can and working toward a common goal. Refuse to help me now, [Player Name], and what happens tomorrow when you need my assistance?"
1.png "I don't need your help, Vanar."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Good, you're back.
These reports really should be up in the village already. <Tobu> is going to be furious.
Show me the spheres you've gathered."
1.png "Here's what I found."
"These are perfect! Thank you, [Player Name].
Finally I can get those damned reports finished. Then maybe Tobu and Ulgorn will let me do some real raiding!"


Vanar should be writing orders as Ulgorn requested. However, he's having trouble reading and writing because the Aldelle Basin gets so dark.

He requested you catch a Hill Sparkie or two and Highland Sparkles and collect their abdomens, which are naturally luminescent.

You collected the light spheres as he requested. He was delighted and said that he should be able to write the orders Ulgorn requested.