Nirmirn needs Sparkie Sap to polish her furniture and make soap, so you promised to get some for her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Sparkie Sap> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, kill <Ice Lake Sparkies> and get five Sparkie Sap drops. Take them back to Nirmrin for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Oh, Azphelumbra! How are you? The business? Business is going all right, I suppose, but still my husband and I can barely get by.
We're hoping to buy a house, since we've got a baby coming soon, but that may not work out.
To make things worse, his mother is coming into town..."
1 "You don't get along?"
"Oh, we get along just fine, it's just...
She likes order. Tidiness. With my husband and I both working all the time, there isn't much time left for cleaning.
To make matters worse, I just ran out of Sparkie Sap, which I use to polish furniture and make soap. There's no way I can collect the sap AND clean the house by the time she arrives."
1 "I see your dilemma."
"I don't suppose you have some extra time? It would be a great favor if you would bring me some Sparkie Sap."

Accept Edit

"Thank you.
Ice Lake Sparkies live near the tree fossils in the lake. Please hunt them and bring me the Sparkie Sap.
Be quick about it if you can. I need to finish cleaning before my mother-in-law arrives."
X "I'll be right back."

Decline Edit

"I thought you would help me for sure. Troubling.
I'm sure you're busy, though, running around for Suthran like all the rest.
Not like any of the rest of us matter."
X "I'm sorry, but orders are orders."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Oh, I've got such little time. I'll have to close early to get everything done...
Oh, [Player Name]! I was just thinking about you! How did you fare? Did you get the Sparkie Sap?"
1 "Here it is."
"Thank you!
I've already prepared the herb powders so I can make the soap right away. The rest can be done when I get home.
You really saved me here, [Player Name]."

Summary Edit

Nirmirn had to clean the house before her mother-in-law came but she ran out of Sparkie Sap.

You defeated Ice Lake Sparkies and took their Sap to her so that she could impress her mother-in-law.

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