Smoldering Fire Temple (SFT) is a 3-man event instance for players of level 40 and above. It's accessible from Sanctum and Pandaemonium for the duration of the Kromede's Revenge event. Inside, players must venture through the old Fire Temple, acquire transformations and kill familiar bosses within a limited time.

Access Edit

Like other event instances, this one is only accessible while its respective event is active. Groups may enter by talking with <Annaerunerk>, a Shugo in Elyos Square in Sanctum (Elyos) and Pandaemonium Plaza in Pandaemonium.

Transformations Edit

The instance offers three possible transformations, one for each player. Once one is chosen, there is no way to change to another one for the duration of the instance.

NPC Class Skills Role
<Stomper> Templar Tank
<Shine> Gladiator DPS
<Iris> Sorcerer DPS

Walkthrough Edit

The main prerequisite for a successful run is a similar level bracket between players. Due to level difference, DP gain from mobs inside is heavily crippled for the lower levels. As such, they would not be able to use their class' DP skills, essential for the run. Thus all party members must be within 10 levels of each other.

The other being designating classes correctly and each being aware of the effects of their skills. As a Templar, this player will act as the main tank, pulling all mobs and constantly keeping the aggro from bosses. They are also the one class with an on demand heal, and may throw a heal at another member in need. Its also recommended to have this player mark every boss encountered, thus possessing the lead of the group. The other two classes, Gladiator and Sorcerer, will be the damage dealers, with single target attacks and AoEs.

General Edit

The instance has an 8 minute timer, after which a rank is calculated based on the points acquired. The timer will stop if the final boss, <Enraged Kromede>, is killed. After 1:30 minutes, the gate will open and the instance will begin.

SFT - Resurrection

Resurrection Spot

A <Potion Chest> can be found on the other side, dropping three Large Recovery Serum <Large Recovery Serums> and six Small Recovery Serum <Small Recovery Serums> for each group member. These potions will allow a limited amount of healing, each one recovering 50% and 20% of the user's HP pool respectively. due to the limited amount, Large Recovery Serum <Large Recovery Serums> shall only be used in emergencies or when you are expecting large incoming damage.

Upon death, the player will resurrect back at the start. A healing pad will heal them up, and by interacting with the teleport statue at the back they may rejoin the rest of the group. Due to the tight time limit, it may be sometimes wiser to heal up to 50% and then proceed with the instance.

Fire Temple Hallway Edit

SFT - Entrance Chamber

Entrance to Kromede's Room

The first section of the instance is a simple boss rush. The group will push through each room killing the boss, unlocking the way into the following one. The first one being <Enhanced Orange Crystal Molgat>, the second one <Enhanced Silver Blade Rotan>, and third and final one being <Enhanced Tough Sipus>. They will all summon additional mobs every few moments, but their fights shall not take longer than a few seconds. Once <Enhanced Tough Sipus> is defeated, the way into the final chamber will be opened, with a healing pad on the side.

While dealing with bosses, Gladiators and Sorcerers should always make use of Shine&#039;s Power Attack <Shine's Power Attack> and Iris&#039; Fire <Iris' Fire> whenever is off cooldown, this being their top single target damage skill. Secondary one should be Shine&#039;s Cyclone <Shine's Cyclone> and Iris&#039; Falling Thunderbolt <Iris' Falling Thunderbolt>. Their AoE CC skills, Shine&#039;s Restraint <Shine's Restraint> and Iris&#039; Freezing <Iris' Freezing> will dish out good damage as well. If everything is on cooldown, resort to using Shine&#039;s Strike <Shine's Strike> and Iris&#039; Explosion <Iris' Explosion> for their short cooldown. There is an error in which Iris&#039; Freezing <Iris' Freezing> will have no cooldown, making it better to spam than Iris&#039; Explosion <Iris' Explosion> for its superior damage output.

Ideally, no DP should be spent on this phase, as it is best used on the final room.

Kromede's Room Edit

This chamber will contain a huge amount of small fire spirits. Whenever enough of them are killed, a boss will spawn. After said boss is killed, the spirits will reappear, and so on until the final boss in triggered. The Templar will have to pull most of the room, taunting them with Stomper&#039;s Provoke <Stomper's Provoke> and Stomper&#039;s Severe Blow <Stomper's Severe Blow>. The other two can optionally follow them around damaging them with Shine&#039;s Cyclone <Shine's Cyclone>/Iris&#039; Falling Thunderbolt <Iris' Falling Thunderbolt> and Shine&#039;s Strike <Shine's Strike>/Iris&#039; Explosion <Iris' Explosion>.

SFT - Chamber Inside

Kromede's Room

Once enough mobs are locked on the tank, they may pop their DP shield, Stomper&#039;s Absolute Defense <Stomper's Absolute Defense>, making them invulnerable while the DPS classes deal with them. This is the time DP skills are best used by the Gladiator and Sorcerer, Shine&#039;s Rage <Shine's Rage> and Iris&#039; Flame <Iris' Flame>, as they will damage several mobs at once. While they are good damage, its preferable to use them on this part rather than on the boss itself. Making use of their CC skills may also aid the tank if needed. If the Templar is low on HP, they may use Stomper&#039;s Blessing <Stomper's Blessing> on themselves, giving them a shield and partially recovering HP.

The first boss will be the <Temple Guardian>, whose only skill will be Macro type 1 <Powerful Knockdown>. The second boss will be <Enraged Lady Angerr>, who will use Fear (NPC) <Fear Casting>, putting targets into a fear state. If she is pulled towards the back of the room where she spawns, and positioning yourself against the wall, if feared, you will not be moved too far away. The third boss will be <Enraged Judge Kaliga>, whose only particular ability is healing himself by 20% HP with Macro type 1 <Self-recovery> once, lengthening the fight just a bit. He will also use Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)> (pulls a target to him), Enervating Feeling <Enervating Feeling> (reduces the attack speed of a target) and Macro type 1 <Divine Touch> (a ring of energy will deal damage on those on top after a while, despite being weak damage).

The final boss is <Enraged Kromede>, being considerably more dangerous than all previous ones. Her damage is considerably stronger, threatening for the DPS classes, with lesser base defences. As soon as she spawns, she will start with Strong Cry <Strong Cry> (stunning close range targets) and follow this up with Macro type 1 <Wide Successive Strike> (frontal AoE). Throughout the fight she will also use Guilty Verdict <Guilty Verdict>, dealing damage and forcing a bleeding state on nearby targets. Nearing the end, she will use Massive Strike <Miserable Struggle>, stunning those around her and following it with Guilty Verdict <Guilty Verdict>. This last combo is strong enough to instantly kill the Sorcerer and drastically damage the Gladiator. As such, when she targets herself, uses a buff on herself and starts casting Massive Strike <Miserable Struggle>, both DPS classes should either heal up to full and hope to survive or move away from her before it goes off.

SFT - Treasure Room

Treasure Chest Chamber

With <Enraged Kromede> down, the instance will end, and the group will achieve a Rank S. Failing to kill <Enraged Kromede> before the timer ends will grant the group other ranks based on the amount of points acquired (from lesser mobs and bosses killed). A Shugo will appear guiding them to the treasure room, where they may collect their rewards.

Rewards Edit

Note: Rewards may vary depending on the instalment of the event and the region it is being hosted on. Check the main website for the rewards listings.

Based on the mount of bosses killed, and the points they each give, each group member will receive a certain amount of Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Keys>, used to open chests in the treasure room after the instance is completed. All chests will endlessly respawn every few seconds so that all players can use up their keys. Unspent keys will disappear upon leaving the instance.

Rank Points Last Boss killed Amount of Keys
S 878,600 or above <Enraged Kromede> Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Key> x6
A 463,800 or above <Enraged Judge Kaliga> Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Key> x4
B 165,100 or above <Enraged Lady Angerr> Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Key> x2
C 54,000 or above <Temple Guardian> Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Key> x1
D 180 or above Any -
F - None -

There are two types of chests; <Elegant Treasure Chest> and <Dazzling Treasure Chest>. The former (smaller wooden chests) will generally have lesser rewards but only require a single Premium Key Type 2 <Smoldering Fire Temple Key> to open. Meanwhile the latter (bigger treasure chests) can potentially have greater rewards, but in return require three keys to open instead.

There is a small chance of receiving a Master Box Equipments 1 <Locked Elite Treasure Chest> from both chests. This bundle can only be opened while being in possession of Premium Key Type 1 <Elite Treasure Chest Key>, bought from the store or from other players. Its important to notice Premium Key Type 1 <Elite Treasure Chest Keys> tend to turn untradable once the event ends.

Gallery Edit

SFT Banner

Technical Notes Edit

Smoldering Fire Temple is known to cause client crashes at the last chamber due to the huge amount of mobs attacking at the same time. Players may attempt any of the following solutions to prevent crashing inside. All these settings can be changed from the Options window.

  • Switch from the High Quality Engine to the Default Engine.
  • Disable effects, by setting "Display Effects of" to None.
  • Muting the in-game sounds.

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