<Elpas> told you that Mires would be waiting for you on the road to Akarios Village.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Walk over and talk with Mires to update quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial DialogueEdit

"[Player Name], I've been looking for you. There's work to be done and Mi...
Hey, are you OK? You look like you're miles away."
1 "I was having a strange dream..."
"Dreams are for dreamers, [Player Name], not mercenaries like you and I.
Come on now. We have to get our head down if we're to do well here. Akarios Village has run into a whole host of problems, meaning we need to be on our game if we're to succeed and build our reputation around here.
Now, are you ready to shake those butterflies out and get your hands dirty?"

Accept Edit

Put in a good show here and you'll get paid well. Otherwise, you'll have Mires to deal with, and he's not known for patience.
Go. And no more screw ups, got it?"
1 "On my way."

Decline Edit

You're refusing?
This isn't a holiday camp, [Player Name]. I know you just had some sort of dream, or vision, or whatever, but you don't want Mires breathing down your neck."
X "I can handle myself."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Oh! How good of you to show up, [Player Name]!
I'll only tell you this once--this outfit doesn't take on slackers. You may be a skilled [Player Class], but that doesn't mean you can turn up whenever you like.
Next time I snap my fingers, you better come running."
1 "What needs to be done?"
"That's more like it!
The Captain wants us to start cleaning up the Akarios Plains. You see, the farmers here have been having problems with all sorts of creatures. You're the newest member of the outfit, so you get to show the rest what you're made of.
These early jobs will give you a reputation, [Player Name]. Work hard, and you'll stand to make a lot of Kinah. Fail, and we'll kick you out before you know it."


You awoke from a strange dream feeling dazed. Elpas sent you to Mires, who gave you work to do.

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