The Skurv, like the Mau, are a breed of humanoid beasts found throughout the Asmodian territories. They are however smaller compaired to their bigger allies.



The Skurv culture evolves around harvest and gathering. Only a few members of the tribe serve as lookouts for potential dangers.

Because of their relatively weak status, the Skurv enjoy the protection of the Mau and thus will be seen a lot in the tribes of Mau.

It's most likely the Skurv work as farmers for the Mau to feed the Mau forces.

Though the Skurv may seem weak, they will fight ferociusly and will not hesitate to call a Mau guard to aid them. They are part of a lot of Asmodian quests and can be seen even in the 1 - 10 zone: Ishalgen.

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