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Skuld is a mysterious girl standing on the coast near Anturoon Crossing in Ishalgen.

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Involved in quests

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"The tides are shifting...the sea breeze feels heavy against my face. The storm approaches.
Once this storm passes, our world will be vastly different.
Breathe it in, [Player Class]. Breathe in this vibrancy, this life you know.
It will not last forever."
1 "A storm is just a storm, girl."
X "Farewell."
"Outward appearance should not limit your perception, [Player Name]. Some people appear more intelligent than they are...and some, less intelligent.
You would do well to perceive others more deeply before you cast judgment on them."
X "I'll try."
With quests
"I can feel a change in the air. A storm is coming."

Notes Edit

  • Skuld was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but it seems it was never implemented. That dialogue should have been:
"So it is done. You went to Pandaemonium a Human and returned a Daeva.
I offer you my warmest congratulations, [Player Name]. You have joined the ranks of my master. Now you have the potential to save the world from itself.
Until then, go serve the Asmodians as the Shedim Lords expect you to."
X "Blood for blood, Skuld."
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