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A skill is an ability that allows a character to perform some action or make some item that improves gameplay.

A skill is a term that is mainly referring to the abilities and combat actions of players. However, when opening up the skill window (Default: K), several other things fall under this category, such as emotes, functions, chain skills, and Professions (or crafts). These are all subsets of skills, but the main focus is the combat abilities of non-magic casters, or spells for magic casters.

Combat Skills can do different kinds of damage, or healing. They can also cause beneficial effects (aka buffs) on friendly characters, or harmful effects (aka debuffs) on hostile mobs.

Some combat skills are an instant cast, but many have a casting time that varies depending on the skill. When activated, any skill with a casting time will prompt a skill progress bar to show up at the bottom of the screen, depicting the time remaining until the skill hits its target.

There are a few combat skills which require skill reagents, or items designed specifically for that skill, that must be in the player's inventory or the skill will not activate.

The caster classes of Aion (such as the Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Cleric, and Chanter) use magic in order to cast spells, which are their skills. For the non-caster classes (such as the Templar, Gladiator, Ranger, and Assassin), magic is still used, but for skills and abilities, not necessarily spells.

Learning New Skills[]

The first opportunity to purchase skillbooks from a Skill Trainer is at level 3 in the starter areas of Ishalgen and Poeta. Books to level 9 can be purchased there. There are more Skill Trainers in Pandaemonium, and Sanctum. Skills that are red cannot be learned yet. After buying the skillbook, open your Inventory (I) and double-click to learn the skill. It is a good idea to then drag the skill to the slot you want on the Quickbar. Some skillbooks are drops from mobs, and some are quest rewards.

Reagents Needed for Skills[]

Some skills require items to use with the skills. These are Job Supplies and are sold by Job Supply Merchants and some General Goods Merchants.