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Singing Kirshka

Singing Kirshka is the head Harvester tasked to resurrect Ereshkigal's troops in Mirash Sanctum and convey her message to them. She spawns in the Banshee Hall.

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Before jumping down into her platform, players may open the chest next to the path for an Iron Hook <Iron Hook> of they have lost theirs.

Her skill set is simple, but deadly. It includes Macro type 1 <Dancing Ice Arrow> (a single-target attack) and Macro type 1 <Piercing Song> (a frontal line-shaped AoE attack) in addition to her auto-attacks, which are quite powerful by themselves. She will also use Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth>, dealing 20% of the player's HP as damage if he is standing in the affected areas of the platform. The safety area is a cone area behind her, highlighted on the floor.

Her most dangerous attack however is Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction>, which will instantly end the player if they are standing on the platform. The only way to survive it is to use the Iron Hook <Iron Hook> on the appropriate <Cold Ladder> on one of the four pillars around the edges. Usually all four pillars will have hail raining down on them continuously, which will instantly kill the player if they move to any of them. As Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction> is being used, hail will stop falling on one of them. This is the 'correct' pillar the players will need to use their Iron Hook <Iron Hook> on. The top of the pillars will however not remain safe for very long, since hail will resume almost instantly after Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction> goes off. Players are therefore required to have almost perfect timing to find the safe pillar, and get on and off it in time.

A much easier strategy to counter Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction>, albeit dodgy, is to jump against the platform the player entered Kirshka's room from. Doing so will place them on top of it, out of range of this attack. They may then jump back down and resume the fight. This can be used at any time during the fight, like when needing time to recover HP, as she will not reset despite not being able to attack the player.

After each Macro type 1 <Song of Destruction> Kirshka will use Summon Water Energy I (Elyos) <Humming>, increasing her attack power progressively by 1.2, 1.5 and 2 times whenever the skill is used, up to its third tier. Her boosted attacks may overwhelm lower geared players, therefore acting as a sort of invisible time limit. It is not however its more dangerous aspect. Getting hit by Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth> will leave players with extremely low HP. Added to the effect of Summon Water Energy I (Elyos) <Humming>, Kirshka'sKirshka's following auto attack is likely to kill the player instantly. This makes Macro type 1 <Dance of the Cold Earth> a lot less forgiving.

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