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Silikor of Memory

Silikor of Memory is the malekor tasked to channel the elemental energy and store it in cubical cores. It acts as an optional boss, inhabiting the Elemental Core Genesis room in Theobomos Lab.



The Silikor will have the Ancient Barrier <Ancient Barrier> buff (a shield, negating all damage), which can only be removed by killing its two guards. In order to properly remove the shield, the guard will have to be killed when the <Sealed Akaimum>, who endlessly patrols around the room is near the guard you are trying to exterminate.

The group will first have to dispose of the <First Silikor Guard>, who will use Boost Fighting Spirit <Boost Fighting Spirit> and Smash <Smash>. After having done so, the group may move to the <Second Silikor Guard>, who will use Curse of Blessing <Curse of Blessing> (removing buffs of enemies) and Violent Snare <Violent Snare> (pulls enemies to her and slows them down), which is followed by Earth Upheaval <Earth Upheaval> (an AoE attack). If players fail to kill the guard in the appropriate time, they will respawn until it is done correctly. Once all guards are taken care, the <Sealed Akaimum> will break the Silikor of Memory's shield. Being an easy match, her only special skill is Large Magic Missile <Large Magic Missle> (a single target attack). Additional monsters may appear, however it is not always the case.


First Silikor Guard

Second Silikor Guard



  • This was originally a compulsory boss to kill in order to advance forward. It would drop a key used to open a door blocking the way into the Elemental Core Storage Room.

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